What is the best time to visit Dharchula?

May-June, September-December are the best months to visit Darchula. Summers in Darchula are pleasantly warm and fresh. The winters are cold with occasional snowfall (December-February), especially at higher altitude. Snow capped mountains present an amazing picturesque view, but the weather is quite freezing. The monsoon i.e. from July to September experiences heavy rainfall accompanied by landslides and poor road conditions. It is recommended to avoid monsoon and extreme winters.

Weather in Dharchula


Upcoming Dharchula Weather

Monthly Weather in Dharchula

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 6 17
February 9 22
March 12 25
April 17 32
May 19 33
June 21 32
July 22 30
August 22 30
September 21 30
October 16 27
November 11 23
December 8 20

Dharchula in Summer (March - June)

The summer months are one of the best times to visit Dharchula. The weather during these months is pleasant, though a tad on the colder side. There are light winds and breezes and a happy weather all around.

Dharchula in Winter (November - February)

Dharchula, during the winter months, enraptures your heart with its snow capped mountains and snow scattered houses and streets. However, visiting Dharchula during the winters is only advisable for those who can bear and are fond of immensely chilly winters. Dharchula, during winter, feels like an enchanted little town that captures your heart with its beauty.

Dharchula in Monsoon (July - September)

Avoid visiting Dharchula during the months of the monsoons. The rains in this region are heavy and often cause landslides and other natural hazards. This may pose a danger to your outing plans on your vacation as well as to yourself.

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