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Time Required : 1-2 hrs

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Om Parvat, Dharchula Overview

The mighty peak of Om Parvat lies in the Dharchula district of western Nepal and in Pithoragarh District, Uttarakhand, India and is very close to Adinath peak as well. The peak rises to a massive height of 6191 metres from the bosom of the surrounding mountains making this destination is an important landmark en route Kailash Mansarovar Yatra.

One of the most bewitching details of this attraction is the fact that the snow deposition pattern on the surface of the mountain resembles the sacred 'OM', which is an important symbol in Hinduism. Owing to the same, it is considered as an important religious site by Hindus. With a great resemblance to Mount Kailash in Tibet, the view is simply magnificent and enchanting.

Rising from the bosom of the surrounding peaks, Om Parvat is a bewitching snow-clad beauty that rises in sharp contrast against the sky and can be identified from miles away. A number of other important destinations are situated near the Om Parvat as well.

Parvati Lake, Jonglingkong Lake and the peak of Parwati Muhar overlook Om Parvat and are sacred to believers and people of faith as well. Om Parvat is the result of discord between India and Nepal who do not reach agreement about the borderline between the two countries. Om Parvat is currently on the Indo-Nepalese border with the face 'Om' in India and the back of the mountain in Nepal.

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Tips For Visiting Om Parvat

1) Make sure you carry warm clothes along with you no matter during whichever season you are travelling in.
2) Be always prepared with your trekking gear and equipment.
3) Carrying your own medication and a good pair of shoes is a must.
4) Make sure you obtain all the permits well in advance required for trekking in the region. Inner line permit is required in the region.
5) Also, carry raingear along as weather at higher altitude changes at every moment.
6) Choose a well-qualified and professional guide and fix the rates in order to avoid any misunderstanding.
7) Carry spare batteries and film roll for the camera as there may be no electricity supply.
8) Dhaba food is available up along the way. You can pack essential food for the rest of the climb.
9) Guest houses are available at all destinations. Camping can also be adopted by trekkers on the trek because of the natural beauty that it boasts of.
10) Water is available in the guest houses along the way. It is advisable to stock up in reasonable quantities whenever a refilling option is available.

About Om Parvat

Approx trekking distance (Both sides) : 240 Kilometres

Base Camp : Dharchula

Difficulty : Difficult

Highest point of trek : 15, 515 ft

Nearest Airport : Pantnagar Airport

Nearest Railhead : 218 km

Region : Pithoragarh District, Uttarakhand

Snow : Summer and autumn are the best time for the trek to Adi Kailash.

Starting point of trek : Dharchula


Day 1 : Dharchula to Sirkha

Distance: 6 Km

Take a 2 hr jeep ride across 44 Km to Narayan Ashram from Dharchula. Narayan Ashram is a quiet serene place from where you can begin trekking towards Sirkha. It's a simple walk of 7 Km. Sirkha is at an altitude of 2560m.

Day 2 : Sirkha to Gala

Distance: 14 Km , Duration: 5 to 6 hrs

As you start trekking from Sirkha you climb through beautiful forests of flowering chestnut trees. It's an easy trail of 2 hours to the breakfast halt. After climbing for another hour, you shall reach Rolling Top which leads you to descent through quiet forests with woodpeckers and lots of langurs. The descent will take you 2 hours before you reach crossing at the river in Simkhola village where you can stop for refreshments. As you walk ahead through a long winding climb , you reach Gala which is at an altitude of 2440 m.

Day 3 : Gala to Buddhi

Distance: 21 Km , Duration: 9 hrs

The trek is long and strenous in this part. After walking 4 km, climb down the famous 4444 steps descent to Kali river. A word of caution here - the path can become quite steep in places and the irregularly packed stones when wet due to rain, can be slippery. You can halt at Lakhanpur at the end of 4444 steps for breakfast. Here onwards, walk along the Kali river, with Nepal a stone's throw away. Be careful along the parts where the passage was too narrow. The path goes up and down a bit and one has to be careful enough to call out when visibility is obstructed at the top of each small incline or around sharp bends. You can stop at Lamari where the yatris are treated with tea. You can stop at Malpa for lunch, where a memorial has been erected for the 1998 landslide victims. The trek onwards is filled with beautiful waterfalls. After 9 km of climbs and descents, you would be able to see Budhi at an elevation across. Go down to cross the river and climb up to reach Budhi at 2680 m.

Day 4 : Buddhi to Gunji

Distance: 19 km , Duration: 5 to 6 hrs

The trek is a steep climb to Chialekh, taking between 45 minutes to 1.5 hours. The path is mostly stone packed and is like a steep ramp with steps in between. There are three rest shelters along the climb but these shelters are unkempt. You can halt at Chiyalek for breakfast at Annapurna restuarant, small structure capable of holding 10-15 travelers. The ITBP checkpoint lies 200 m from Chialekh. The path through Chialekh was mostly flat and was along a narrow meadow which hung on a flat shelf of the hillock between steep rockfaces both above and below the meadow. The meadow is full of beautiful flowers during spring. After a sharp descent to Gharbyang, walk a flat terrain along river Kali for about an hour to reach the lunch point at Sipti. From here, it's an easy walk to Gunji at an altitude of 3220 m. Cherish the amazing view of Annapurna peak in Nepal from Gunji, provided your luck with the weather.

Day 5 : Gunji to Kutti

Distance: 19 Km , Duration: 7 hrs

The trek is smooth with marvellous views till Nabhi, after which there is a rocky patch. Walk through Bhojpatra forests across the river to reach Rampa, where you can stop for lunch at a hut, which seems like a blessing in the middle of nowhere. The final climb along the last 4 Km is populated, where you come across an ITBP post. As you go on across 2 gorges, you shall reach the tents of camp at Kutti at 3600 m.

Day 6 : Kutti to Jolingkong

Distance: 14 km , Duration: 6 Hrs

As you start trekking from Kutti, you may come across sevaral patches of snow depending on the weather conditions. After climbing an elevation of over 3000 ft, you can marvel at the view of Chota Kailash, much before you reach camp. The trek is simple, but high altitude may cause nausea or breathlessness. You can reach Jollingkong at an altitude of 4572 m in 6 hours. Start early from Kutti to reach by lunch, so that you can spend the afternoon trekking to and fro GauriKund. You can refresh and ponder over the view of Chhota Kailash while lying down on the flat in front of camp at Gaurikund.

Day 7 : Jolingkong to Adi Kailash/ Parvati Sarovar

Distance: 4 Km , Duration: 1 hour

Have an early breakfast at Jollingkong and start the trek for the day. Climb over the hill to the Sarovar and temple. Weather conditions may play foul in catching the view of Adi Kailash in the sarovar, but the magnificence of Chhota Kailash against the blue sky doesn't reflect anyone. There is a temple near the lake, which is sometimes visited by swan-like birds. You can come back to Jollingkong and have enough time to get back to Kutti the same day after leisuring and beholding the sights on offer. The trek downhill to Dharchulla follows the same track.

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