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A part of the National Capital Region, Noida, with the inauguration of Budhh international circuit for the formula one racing, Sunburn arena where international artists perform, and upcoming projects of one of the tallest buildings in North India. Noida is just busy running towards faster growth. Noida is a short name for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority.
This beautifully planned city has something for everyone, be it parks, amazing street food, posh restaurants, shopping malls, street-side shopping options, amusement parks, pubs and discotheques or sports complexes. Talking about the climate, it either has really hot summers or really cold winters but between August till November, the weather is mild. People in Noida are usually big foodies and are lively.

Greater Noida is an extension of Noida situated in the Gautam Buddh Nagar District of Uttar Pradesh nestles close to the capital and offers a glimpse of a booming modern city. The name NOIDA stands for New Okhla Industrial Development Authority from where it started its journey to become the next commercial capital. Greater Noida was developed under the UP Industrial Area Development Act in 1976. A flourishing IT and outsourcing hub, it is a part of National Capital Region (NCR) giving the city a silver edge. It is also a favourable hotspot for travellers to experience vibrant high street culture and fast-moving lifestyle.

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- For food, I'd highly recommend RollsKing in sector 18 market. Best rolls I've ever had. Chicken and paneer rolls are both great. One should be enough to fill you up. :)
- Noida lags behind in safety factors at times just like any other fast growing city and so you need to be safe and try not to be over friendly with strangers

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Golf course, World of wonder and shopping at atta market or GIP are the best things to do in Noida and sadly each activity can take you a whole day. You can choose any one of them as per your budget and time availability. Since all of these places are located close by, you can arrange them in any order during the day and visit accordingly. You can start with golf course, and follow it up with shopping during the afternoon. You can then go to the amusement park for an evening outing

Noida has a great number of options in terms of cuisines and food joints. You can find food joints as per your taste buds and pocket around the city. There are expensive restaurants and cheap dhabas with delicious food all around the city. North Indian food, Rajma chawal and chhole bhature are loved by the foodies of this region. Apart from this, there is a great variety of choice in chaats and these chaat stalls are sprinkled all over the city. Street food items like Litte Chokha (Bihari dish), Momos (Tibetan dish), South Indian items, Chaat items, paani-puri, rolls, etc. are quite popular here. 

The bustling street of Brahmaputra Market offers everything from flaming kiosks, food joints and vintage cafes. The major attraction to this food paradise is its variety. The place offers Chinese eateries with all things soy and chilli with a samosa and jalebi vendors standing right across the corner, just a few blocks away. The other end of the market satisfies your sweet tooth with lined up mithai walas serving mouth-watering gulab jamuns and jalebis. The narrow street is often crowded and the evening haul for snacks is a must-have experience.

Sector 18 is another area where foodies can explore the world of modern delicacies in lavish restaurants and top off their main courses with the famous street side pani-puri. This place has several of the large food chains, multiplexes, cafes and inexpensive restaurants for people to try on the exquisite flavour of Delhi.

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