Majnu ka Tilla Tibetan Flags at Majnu Ka Tila, Delhi

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Majnu ka Tilla, Delhi Overview

Popularly known as Delhi’s ‘Little Tibet’ for its labyrinthian alleys, tiny swaying Tibet flags and tinker of the prayer bells, Majnu ka Tilla is a slice of Tibet tucked away in the heart of Delhi in the North Campus area of Delhi University. The name ‘Majnu ka Tilla’ is derived from the namesake gurudwara situated in the vicinity, however, today, the area has become a full flourishing Tibetan colony laced with pretty cafes serving traditional food and tiny stalls selling cultural souvenirs. A shopping paradise and a haven for foodies, Majnu ka Tilla or MKT, as it is popularly known, is swamped (almost at all times) mostly with college students and tourists looking to satiate their craving for authentic food or simply exploring the fascinating marketplace atop the hill.

The colony boasts of a serene environment with scuttering Tibetan women dressed in the authentic attires, pocket momo stalls spread out in the verandah- ish lanes, bamboo kiosk eateries, faint echoes of Dalai Lama’s teachings and an all-around vibrant and flamboyant atmosphere. The place is like a little rendition of Dharamshala with restaurants, travel agencies, cultural vibrancy, stalls with old-school CDs and pop song cassettes and similar Tibetan merchandise. Little known by the locals, Majnu ka Tilla is a pure delight, and you should definitely check it out if in the area.

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Shopping at Majnu ka Tilla

The market has wonderous objects of purchase available, ranging from neon touristy T-shirts, to beaded anklets, cute flip-flops, denims, amazing shoes, leather products, trendy accessories and duplicate products of big brands like Gucci, Nike, Puma, Adidas etc. The clothes sold here are different from those available in the regular markets. They are hip, trendy and really easy on the pockets. In addition to this, you can also go for traditional souvenirs, olden days Cds and DVDs, trinkets, figurines, Tibetan flags, incense sticks, junk jewellery etc.

Food at Majnu ka Tilla

Here’s recommending some of the food items that you should definitely try out when visiting Majnu ka Tilla-
1. Shabalay - It is a dish which is a mix of a stuffed samosa and a huge fried momo which is served with a patent fiery Tibetan sauce. Shabalay has both veg and non-veg variants available.
2. Thentuk - This dish is little less famous cousin of Thukpa with little imbalance in taste and ingredients. The flavourful watery soup has chunks of momos, vegetables and meat added to enhance the taste.
3. Tingmo - It is a form of fermented bread paired with a hot sauce or a regular dip. Stuffed tingmo is also available at the market.
4. Shapta - This is a beef dish spicily sauteed with onions, ginger, garlic and mixed with a lot of hot sauce.
5. Apple Beer - This is another speciality of the place. The non-alcoholic drink is like nothing you have tasted before and a perfect beverage to accompany all the hot dishes.

Other Things To Do at Majnu ka Tilla

1. Visit Tenzing Aunty’s to try out the mouth watering, absolutely scrumptious Tibetan snack called Laphing. Very reasonably priced, the dish comes in dry and soupy variants.
2. There is an unnamed bookstore located just behind the TCV handicrafts with an enormous collection of books most of which are of Buddhist Dharma or Tibetan literature.
3. Norling Art Gallery is another amazing find of the market. The impressive gallery has a striking collection of handicrafts, textiles, carpets and furniture.
4. Glam Girl Boutique is a common favourite among the girls. With marvellous dress designs inspired by the Korean fashion, this shop prices its products at throwaway prices.
5. AMA Restaurant is the most popular and the most visited restaurant in the area owing to its delicious food and pleasant aesthetics.
6. Do not forget to pay a visit to the dramaland- the bookstore cum DVD store. The store has some amazing finds of the Korean dramas and decade old stocks with English subtitles.

Tips For Visiting Majnu ka Tilla

1. Remember to bargain before you settle to buy any item.
2. The street vendors selling big brand watches and goggles are fake. Do not confuse them with the original products.

How To Reach Majnu ka Tilla

Majnu ka Tilla is a short rickshaw ride away from Vidhan Sabha metro station situated on the yellow line. It is also fairly close to the North Campus of the Delhi University and can be reached in shared autos from the University campus.

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Tina Garg 2 years ago
Called the 'Little Tibet' of India, Majnu ka Tilla is widely popular among students and youngsters who are constantly looking for new experiences. The place is kind of shady which is the best part about it. One doesn't find such places often in a city like this. Cafes and Restaurants serve good non-veg and chinese food along with your favorite beer. Don't go on Wednesdays if you want to have non-veg because Wednesdays are veg-days. The market is quite good so you can shop and then eat.

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