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Timings : 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Time Required : 2-3 hours

Entry Fee : INR 25

Best Time to Visit : April - October

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Robber, Dehradun Overview

Robber's Cave, locally known as Gucchu Pani, is a river cave formed in the Himalayas, about 8 kilometres from Dehradun, Uttarakhand. This river cave is believed to be an abode of Lord Shiva and is very close to Sahasradhara or 'The Thousandfold Springs' in Uttarakhand. Its speciality is that river water flows out from the middle of the cave.

The cave is a narrow gorge formed between a conglomerate limestone formation. It creates a feeling similar to being in a scene from a mystery movie - surrounded by dark limestone as streams gush in, echoing inside the cave. If not this, it definitely promises a sense of belongingness as Mother Nature slows you down, making you resonate with its mesmerising beauty.

With extraordinary cold water underground springs, the cave cools down during the scorching-hot summer-afternoon. It is a perfect picnic spot amidst the natural beauty of Uttarakhand and must be visited at least once.

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About Robber's Cave

It is said that the cave got its name from the British after they found out that robbers kept stolen belongings in the cave. Shops too are present around the cave where one can enjoy delicious snacks while enjoying the scenic beauty.

While the cave has elegant natural interiors, the most exquisite feature of Robber's Cave is its 10 m high waterfall. The water in the cave appears and then, all of a sudden, vanishes underground. The water appears again on the surface a few yards away.

Things To Do at Robber's Cave

Robber's Cave is a fabulous location to have a picnic with friends and family. After a walk inside the 600-metre long cave to explore the region from the inside with your loved ones, you may walk to the waterfall near the cave for a picnic. You can enter the waterfall and capture memorable moments for life. What fun it is to chit-chat about everything under the sun with your loved ones as you rest or grab a bite near the splendid water body. If you are lucky, you might see a beautiful rainbow in the sky over the falls.

You may also visit the Tibetan Buddhist Temple, the Takpeshwar Temple, the Ramakrishna Ashram Temple and the Dehradun Zoo; each being 2 to 4 kilometres away from Robber's Cave.

Best Time To Visit Robber's Cave

The best time to visit the place is from April to October. The place is a getaway from the heat of the sun.

Tips For Visiting Robber's Cave

1. Wear footwear that provides enough support and grip while exploring the stream.
2. The water could get knee high for adults. Be careful while exploring the cave.
3. Rubber flip flops/ chappals are rented outside the entry.
4. Local eateries are available to grab a quick bite of some local snacks.
5. Carry enough water and snacks (optional) as walking through the cave could be exhausting.
5. Visitors may want to book their transport to and fro well in advance to avoid spending time for the local transport.

How To Reach Robber's Cave

Robber's Cave is situated at a distance of 8 km from the city of Dehradun. While the Dehradun Railway Station is close to the cave, it is convenient to take a bus up till Vijaypur, followed by a trek of 1 km through the Anarwala village to reach this place.

Tourists can explore this 600-metre long cave that has been divided into two main parts. If you happen to walk a little further through the stream, you can also spot a splendid waterfall.

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Vikas Kumar Sharma

on Robber's Cave 4 years ago
Well, what a experience. - wet all my cloths - Dipped my whole new mobile -Almost lost my slipper -Lost my Earphones and Medicines -And got a lifetime experience Instead of taking selfies, just Enj (Read More)oy there. I couldn't do it as I want to bcz I was in hurry but I will go there again after leaving my shi**y job and will enjoy it as I want to.
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