Mindrolling Monastery

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Timings : Summers: 8:00 AM - 12:00 PM, 2:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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Buddha Temple Complex

Mindrolling Monastery, Dehradun Overview

The Mindrolling Monastery, also known as the Buddha Temple Complex, was established in Clement Town, Dehradun, Uttarakhand by Khochhen Rinpoche in 1965. Situated in the middle of the serene foothills of the Himalayas, the Mindrolling Monastery is one of the largest Buddhist centres in India which attracts thousands of visitors from all over the country as well as abroad.  Hundreds of individuals attain spirituality here on a daily basis.

Being an architectural masterpiece with several sections, the monastery is a visual wonder. The monastery exudes beauty owing to its gardens, university complex and the tallest Stupa in Asia. While surrounded by greenery, it also has numerous shrine rooms, Tibetan art forms, and murals. What catches the attention of every tourist is the presence of the tall statue of Lord Buddha. This beautiful place should definitely be visited if you are planning a trip to Dehradun.

One of the six major monasteries of the Tibetan Nyingma School, this monastery was first established in 1676. The Ngagyur Nyingma College is also present within the premises offering advanced Buddhist studies to monks who can pass on the knowledge to the upcoming generations. At present, over 300 monks are given education in the monastery.

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History of Mindrolling Monastery

The Mindrolling Monastery was constructed by Rigzin Tendak Lingpa in 1676. In 1965, it was re-established by Khochhen Rinpoche with the help of fellow monks. The Buddha Temple Complex was built with the aim to protect the religious and cultural understanding of the Nyigma school of Buddhism, being one of the four schools of Tibetan Buddhism. The other schools are known as Sakya, Kagyu, and Gelak.

Around 50 artists were involved in the design and construction of the monastery which took almost three years to complete.

Architecture of Mindrolling Monastery

Also known as Tibetan Monastery, the Mindrolling Monastery is well-known for its exquisite architecture. The monastery has wall paintings inside which showcase the life of Lord Buddha. It has been built in the Japanese style of architecture with the Stupa, also known as the Great Stupa which was inaugurated in 2002 and is one of its major attractions. It has a height of 220 feet and a width of 100 square feet, being the largest stupa in Asia.

The monastery has five floors with statues of Lord Buddha and Guru Padmasambhava. There are ornate gold colour wall paintings present on the first three floors and an open platform offering a huge 360-degree view of the Dehradun Valley on the fourth floor. Visitors are allowed to go on the upper floor on Sundays only. Another distinguishing factor of the monastery is the 130 feet tall statue of Lord Buddha inside. With greenery spread all around the beautiful monastery, a mention of its beautiful garden and accompanying bookstore stocked with Tibetan books is vital.

Best Time To Visit Mindrolling Monastery

The perfect time to visit the monastery is from April to June which is considered to be the peak time for tourism in Dehradun. Since the climate is pleasant with a lovely and calm ambience, one is definitely going to have a fantastic and enjoyable time here.

Tips For Visiting Mindrolling Monastery

1. You should carry a camera along to capture the scenic beauty of the place.
2. Though the temperature during the day is hot, the evenings become chilly. So, it is advisable to carry a light shawl to avoid catching a cold.
3. The garden and shops of the monastery remain open on all days of the week.
4. Visitors should remove their shoes before entering the main hall of the monastery.

How To Reach Mindrolling Monastery

The Mindrolling Monastery is situated on the Delhi-Saharanpur Road at a distance of 4 km from ISBT Dehradun. One can easily reach the monastery by hiring a local auto or via the local bus. Dehradun railway station is the nearest station situated at a distance of 9 km from the monastery, and Jolly Grant airport is situated 31 km from the monastery.

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