Kodasalli Backwaters

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Tags : Nature

Timings : 24 hrs

Time Required : 1 - 2 hrs

Entry Fee : No Entry Fee

Best Time to Visit : Early November to the end of March

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Kodasalli Backwaters, Dandeli Overview

Kodasalli Backwaters is a mesmerising pool of water accumulated behind the Kodasalli Dam in the state of Karnataka. The dam with the same name is constructed over the Kali river in the Yellapur Taluk; the waters are used to generate electric power and this site is classified as a hydroelectric power station. The pool is also fed by waters gushing down from the Sathodi Waterfalls above it. On your way downhill from the Sathodi Waterfalls, a mild downward trek off route can take you to the serene and tranquil backwaters. Besides the alluring beauty of the surrounding forests and the lake view in the front, several chopped tree trunks branching out from the lake give it a pretty artistic look. A small tea stall nearby serves piping hot tea.

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Tips For Visiting Kodasalli Backwaters

1. You can easily get access to Kodasalli Dam, by seeking prior permission from the authorities. You may also seek permission to visit the Kodasalli dam if you happen to know some local people. 
2. There is no telephone network in the forest area, around the backwaters.
3. Going to the top of the Kodasalli dam is prohibited.

How To Reach Kodasalli Backwaters

The water flows downstream from Sathodi falls to Kodasalli backwaters and hence you have to take a mild downhill trek from the Sathodi falls. The biggest metropolitan city nearest to Kodasalli is Bangalore. The only international airport is also at Bangalore, around 500 kms away from Kodasalli. There are trains and local buses that travel in between Yellapur and Bangalore. It is pretty easy to reach Kodasalli once you are in Yellapur. You can hire a cab or take a taxi to Kodasalli. Also the Kodasalli backwaters fall en-route the Sathodi waterfalls. Sathodi waterfalls being a popular attraction, several buses bring tourists to this place.

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