Most Beautiful Dandeli Waterfalls for a Perfect Short Trip

Dandeli Waterfalls

Known for the famous river rafting, Dandeli is home to beautiful Dandeli Waterfalls. Sathodi waterfalls and Magod falls are the most famous waterfalls in Dandeli. The place also has hidden waterfall (Read More)s such as Anashi waterfall and Moulangi waterfall, which are ideal for peace lovers. Indeed, these spectacular waterfalls in Dandeli is an excellent way to spend time with your family and friends.

Here is the list of 4 Most Beautiful Dandeli Waterfalls for a Perfect Short Trip

1. Magod Falls, Dandeli

Magod Falls, Dandeli

Situated at a distance of around 17 km from Yellapur in Karnataka, Magod Falls, also known as Magodu Falls is a group of waterfalls that cascade down a height of 200 m. The falls are formed when River Bedti falls down from the rocky cliffs. Known to be a popular picnic spot, the place is also frequented by photographers and nature lovers.

2. Sathodi Falls, Dandeli

Sathodi Falls, Dandeli

The Sathodi falls, locally known as 'mini- Niagra' lies in the Uttara Kannada district of Yellapur, in Karnataka. Several unnamed streams near Kallaramane ghat unite together to form the Sathodi Falls. Until a few years back the non-locals were completely unaware of its existence until it started attracting tourists. The Sathodi waterfall is 15 metres tall and appears to be rectangular.

3. Moulangi Falls, Dandeli

Moulangi Falls, Dandeli

Moulangi Falls is formed by Moulangi River and is famous as a picnic spot. It is one of the few locations near the city that promote adventure and recreational activities like kayaking, boating, water rafting, etc. The natural jacuzzi is one of the most preferred activities that tourists visit the Moulangi Falls for.

4. Anashi Waterfall, Anshi National Park, Dandeli

Anashi Waterfall, Anshi National Park, Dandeli

Situated in the amid of Anashi National Park on SH 34 road, Anashi Waterfall is a beautiful hidden waterfall. Being one of the hidden Dandeli waterfalls, Anashi falls as an ideal destination for a relaxing weekend getaway. At an elevation of 150 km, this waterfall offers scenic views of the surroundings.

So, which spectacular Dandeli Waterfalls are you visiting for your next short trip? Do let us know your experiences and opinions about these magnificent waterfalls in Dandeli in the comments section below.

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