Weather :

Public transit : Dart Rail Blue Line

Timings : 6 am to midnight

Address : 8300 East Lawther Drive

Parking : available

Area : 1,105 acres

Pets : Dogs are allowed on the leash (Dog Park)

Restriction : Swimming and motorboats are not allowed on the lake.

Entrance : Multiple

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White Rock Lake, Dallas Overview

The White Rock Lake is a reservoir in Dallas, a popular site frequented by both tourists and non-tourists to relax and enjoy recreational activities. It is the perfect place to enjoy leisurely acts such as fishing, taking a stroll by yourself or with your pet, having a picnic, or a party with family and friends to just enjoying nature. At the same time, one also can opt for more engaging activities such as rowing, cycling, jogging, and hiking.

The White Rock Lake is (approximately) 5 miles northeast of downtown Dallas. It was constructed in the 1910s to supply water to meet the growing need of Dallas. The plethora of activities one can indulge in is the most appealing feature of the site. On Weekends it gets crowded quickly; if the objective is to avoid the crowd, weekdays would be preferable. Popular attractions would be the 9.33-mile hike and bike trail, Winfrey point, the dog park, the Bath House Cultural Center and Museum, the Piers and Boat ramp. To end the day, one can enjoy the sunset at Sunset Bay.

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Activities to Enjoy at the White Rock Lake

Water activities- You can bring your equipment or rent a SUP and a kayak from White Rock Paddle Co to enjoy water activities. They provide various packages and lessons which can also be booked online. The best time to enjoy these activities would be in the morning and evening, as the waves tend to get rough in between.

Fishing - Boating activities - To enjoy fishing, you would need to purchase a fishing license beforehand. Bank fishing is the most prominent mode of fishing as motors are not allowed on the lake. The lake has a good amount of vegetation and popular species to catch would be the seasonal White Crappie, largemouth Bass, and catfish. Spring, Fall, and winter is the best time for Bass fishing. Late winter and early Spring is the best time for White Crappie. The best time of the day, to go fishing would be in the morning or evening (as it gets hot during the day).

Boating activities - Motor boats are restricted on the land however electric trolling motors and boats within the 9.9 horsepower limit are permitted

Bike and Hike trails - A paved multi-usage and interconnected pathway of 9.33 miles circumnavigate the lake making up the park and the loop trail where people jog, trek, and bike.

Bird Watching - The White Rock Lake is the home to nearly 300 bird species. Due to the migratory season of the birds fall is a great time to indulge in this activity. Popular spots would be the White Rock Creek watershed, the Trinity River Audubon Center and Joppa Preserve. Several species of ducks, bald eagle, wintering sparrows, woodpeckers, red shoulder hawk are spotted in these areas.

Places to Visit in White Rock Lake

Winfrey point- It is a popular rental spot for hosting weddings, meetings, parties, and so on. It sits on a hilltop giving a wonderful view of the Lake. It boasts of a maximum capacity of 270 people with an open floor plan, a fireplace, a functioning kitchen, and a screened porch

The Bath House Cultural Center and Museum - It was initially the place where people rented swimsuits and changed their clothes after a dip in the river. It was transformed into the cultural centre later when swimming in the lake got banned. It also doubles up as a museum, gallery and a theatre. It houses artwork and pieces of history. Special events such as Lake-a-Palloza and theatre performances captivates the crowd. The centre is open from Tuesday to Saturday throughout the week. The timings are from 12 pm to 6 pm.

Dallas Arboretum - It boasts of more than 1.4 million trailed plants and shows off expert landscaping and seasonal flowers. It is a popular spot for wedding shoots. It opens daily from 9 am to 5 pm throughout the year except on Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. It charges a fee of USD 17 for Adults (13 - 64), USD 14 for seniors (65+) and USD 12 for Children (2-12).

White Rock Lake Dog Park - While dogs are allowed in the White Rock Lake Park, they have to be kept on a leash. The White Rock Lake Dog Park is a separate 3-acre park for Dogs where they roam and play off-leash. It is located on the Northwest side of the Lake and has separate paddocks for large dogs and small dogs.

Events at the White Rock Lake

BMW Dallas Marathon Festival - It is the official marathon of the city of Dallas also earlier known as the Dalas White Rock Marathon. It is organized by runDallas a non-profit organization that promotes health and physical fitness through running events. The marathon is usually held in the month of December

Flora and Fauna at White Rock Lake

The White Rock Lake is home to numerous species of Flora and Fauna. It has an extensive wildlife of 33 mammals such as squirrels, possum, mink; 54 varieties of reptiles - lizards, horn toads; 20 amphibians such as salamanders and more than 200 species of migratory birds. In the spring time every year around May and June you can witness fluffy white fields of flower. The lake also contains about 250 acres of Blackland Prarrie, an endangered ecosystem in North America.

How to reach White Rock Lake

To reach the White Rock Lake you can choose to go via a private vehicle or public transit. It is however advisable to travel by public transportation as traffic in downtown Dallas tends to get congested. You can take the Trinity Railway Express to travel to downtown Dallas. However, the most convenient way to reach White Rock Lake would be to take the Blue line route of the DART light rail or bus services. It would take you to the nearest station which is White Rock station. The station provides facilities such as drop-off and pickup areas, bicycle racks, and free commuter parking spaces. From here, you can choose to walk or cycle to the lake.

History of White Rock Lake

The Construction of the Lake started from the 1910s to 1911. It was constructed by obstructing the White Rock creed to meet the growing demands of water shortage in Dallas. In the 1930s, The Dallas Park Board with the assistance of the Civilian Conservative Corps (CCC), developed the lakeshores into a Public Park. In 2004, the statue of a Civilian Conservatives Corps (CCC) worker was erected beside Sunset Bay to commemorate the workers. Swimming and motorboat activities were banned from the lake in the 1950s(to date) as there was a rising need to maintain a sanitary supply of water due to the shortage caused by the drought.

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