Oba Farms Mobile Petting Zoo

Weather :

Timings : Open 24 hours

Animals and Birds : Ducks, turkey, rabbits, goat, sheep

Petting and Feeding : Allowed

Taking Photos : Allowed

Packages : USD 479 (Residential event), USD 705 (Commercial event), USD 199 (Photo shoots)

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Oba Farms Mobile Petting Zoo, Dallas Overview

The perfect option for when looking for a petting zoo for various events, one can hire Oba Farms Mobile Petting Zoo services whether it’s a birthday, wedding, theme party, church event, fundraising event or any other. Though located in Greenville, Texas, the Zoo can always travel to another location for an event, and it will bring with it animals and birds like turkeys, ducks, goat, sheep or rabbits. People can pet and feed them, and there are attendants to help with the same, as well as to ensure safe interaction. Those who book a petting zoo would find the prices reasonable.

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