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Opened : 1961

Address : 2201 E Road to Six Flags St., Arlington, TX 76011, USA

Area : 212 acres

Rides : Boot Scootin', Caddo Lake Barge, Dive Bomber Alley, Gunslinger, La Vibora etc.

Dining Options : All American Cafe, Johnny Rockets, Primo's Pizzeria, Dole Swirl, La Cantina etc.

Events : National Cheeseburger Weekend, HALLOWFEST, Columbus Day, Holiday in the Park

Membership Packages : Diamond Elite Membership (USD 490), Diamond Membership (USD 350), Platinum Membership (USD 275), Gold Plus Membership (USD 225)

One-Day Tickets : Pick Your Date Ticket (USD 79.99), VIP Experiences (USD 199.99), Group Ticket (USD 84.99)

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Six Flags Over Texas, Dallas Overview

Six Flags Over Texas in Arlington is one of the many Six Flags amusement parks in the United States and is a very popular destination for people of all ages, owing to its rides, its events, and the availability of various tasty treats. Opened to the public in the 1960s, it is open all around the year.

Opened in the year 1961, Six Flags Over Texas is the first of the Six Flags amusement parks chain and is owned and managed by Six Flags Entertainment Corps. The park is spread out over an area of 212 acres and is situated in Arlington, Texas, towards the east of Fort Worth and the west of Dallas. Inspired by California's Disneyland, Six Flags is home to a wide variety of rides, cafes and restaurants and is known to host several fun events throughout the year.

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What are some of the Popular Rides at Six Flags Over Texas?

The rides at Six Flags Over Texas are undoubtedly the highlight of the park. Just a few of the popular ones include:
  • BATMAN The Ride: This is a roller coaster that goes at 50 miles per hour and aims to evoke a feeling of being the superhero Batman in those who opt to ride its loops, lift ups and drops.
  • Chaparral Antique Cars: People can take a break from the thrilling roller coasters and sit in these antique cars while driving around a green countryside setting with a bridge and picket fences. The rail that is set prevents people from going off track.
  • Looney Tunes Adventure Camp: An ideal play area for children, the Looney Tunes Adventure Camp is a playground with a massive play structure that they can climb on top off, jump around on or slide down from. There are fun surprises around the Adventure Camp and the top of the play structure provides the perfect view of the Bugs Bunny Boomtown.
  • Oil Derrick: This is a 300-foot tall steel tower that is a major landmark for the amusement park. Visitors can go all the way to the top of Oil Derrick in an open-walled elevator and would be able to get a complete view of all that there is in the entire Six Flags Over Texas park along with a gorgeous view of the Dallas and Fort Worth skylines.
  • Titan: This is what one would call a hypercoaster since it is much more intense than a regular roller coaster. Anyone who chooses to sit on it will experience a major drop, will go through a tunnel and will also go in several spirals, all at 85 miles an hour.

Fun Events Hosted by Six Flags Over Texas

While the rides take center-stage at Six Flags Over Texas, the amusement park also hosts several events throughout the year, with some of the popular ones being:
  • National Cheeseburger Weekend: An absolute treat for cheeseburger lovers, National Cheeseburger Weekend by Kraft Heinz offers people the chance to bite into some of the most delicious cheeseburgers, including the Cheese-Force Bacon Burger while also getting exclusive access to certain rides. It is necessary to print the National Cheeseburger Weekend Exclusive Ride Time voucher and to present it at the entry to receive a wristband for the same.
  • HALLOWFEST: This time of the year is one to look forward to at Six Flags Over Texas since visitors get to experience all sorts of Halloween fun. Organised by Snickers, this event involves a Trick-or-Treat Trail, creepy fog, scrumptious treats, Halloween themed photoshoots, Halloween attractions moved outdoors and the chance to ride Titan, JOKER, MR. FREEZE and others in complete darkness.
  • Columbus Day: Over an entire weekend, visitors gets to experience what it would have been like to be on a voyage like Christopher Columbus, by riding Titan, New Texas Giant, THE JOKER or even the Conquistador for a nautical experience.
  • Holiday in the Park: One of the most awaited events at the park, Holiday in the Park is organized between November and January and is a great chance for people to engage in some wintery fun. During this time, there are holiday-themed attractions, a beautiful Christmas tree, delicious treats, Christmas-themed karaoke, Santa Claus and so much more.
  • Hiring Events: A wonderful opportunity for those looking for employment, Six Flags Over Texas offers the possibility of applying for a job here. Those who are hired would not only be able to earn some money but would also play a key role in helping visitors create some memories while being able to enjoy the many attractions as well. Some of the positions open include working at rides, at a food joint, as a lifeguard, as a security personnel and in retail, amongst others. 

How to Get to Six Flags Over Texas

Six Flags Over Texas is located at Interstate 30 and Highway 360’s intersection, between Fort Worth and Dallas (it is 20 minutes away from both downtown Fort Worth and downtown Dallas). This means that getting to the amusement park is quite easy, especially in a car. There is parking available at the park, and there is also the option of paying for parking before actually getting there, thus saving time. For those who wish to take public transportation, Bus- 021 and Bus- MAX, as well as Train- TRE are suitable options. Moreover, there are certain hotels in Arlington that team up with the park during the Six Flags Over Texas season and run a trolley service.

The Establishment of the First Six Flags Amusement Park- Six Flags Over Texas

It was Texas-based real estate developer Angus G. Wynne, Jr. who wished for there to be a local entertainment park in the state after having been inspired by the Disneyworld in California. Hence, the planning for one began in the year 1959 and the construction in 1960, all under the Wynne as well as the Great Southwest Corporation.

Six Flags Over Texas happens to be the first of the many Six Flags amusement parks and it was named after the flags of the six nations that had governed Texas, namely France, Spain, Mexico, the Republic of Texas, the United States of America as well as the Confederate States of America. When the park was built, there were six different themed areas to represent the six nations and although more have been added over the years, the original six still exist.

As part of a soft-test opening, Six Flags Over Texas opened to some very important dignitaries in 1961, including mayors, and the opening ceremonies included food and drinks, parking options, and of course, access to the six themed areas. The first season was a success during the 45 days that it lasted and it is believed that there were over 550,000 visitors.

The 1960s saw a period of growth for the amusement park, with many attractions and sections being added. These included Boomtown (after Texas’ oil boom era boomtowns), Tower Section (after Oil Derrick observation tower), Runaway Mine Train and El Aserradero. By the time its 50th anniversary rolled around, the Texas Giant was transformed and the park was attracting millions of visitors a year. Until 2020, when the park decided to remain open year-round, it would open in March and close at the end of the year.

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