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Also Refered As:

Dahanu Gaon

"The Village of Cows"

Dahanu Tourism

Dahanu is a coastal town in the Palghar district of Maharastra. Located at a distance of 383 kilometres from central Maharastra, it is situated along the coast of Arabian Sea. The name of the city was obtained from Dahanu Gram which means village of cows. This emerged because, back in time, most people in the town used to cattle cows. At an elevation of 9.88 metres, the city has several beautiful mountains. Also, it is famous for the power plants that are set up within the town. The place is an engaging mixture of fun, nature, religion and industrialism.

There are a few famed beaches around the city which are commonly visited by the locals and tourists. There are also some dams, which are a nice spot for sightseeing. The town is quite famous for the number of industries and a few balloon factories that are set up. Adding to it are the notable religious places. The architecture of these temples are elegant and attractive with each of them having their significance in mythology. Also, the vegetation in the city is extraordinary. With a variety of plant life, ranging from tadee, coconuts, chickoo and palm, the town offers an excellent look of greenery.

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Places to Visit

1. Chikoo Plantation
It is prevalent for Chickoo plantations, many of which can be spotted across the city. About 35% of India's Chickoo production is from Dahanu.

2. Reliance Energy Power Plant
Recently, in 2018, Reliance Energy Power Plant sold its business to Adani Electricity, which is now a significant landmark in the city. The Dahanu Power Station, a coal-based power generating facility which is also India's first generator to get both ISO 9000 and ISO 14001 certifications. It has a capacity of 500 MW, and a stack of 275.34 metres, the Dahanu Power Station is the highest in Asia. It has been installed to ensure a uniform distribution of energy.

3. Dahanu Beach
The long and lovely beach is located at a distance of 2.5 kilometres from the centre of the city. Bracketed by trees, the long, muddy shore on Dahanu Beach is a great play area for children and for the elderly to relax. The beach is clean, and the tides are low, thus making it very safe to play in the water as well.

4. Dahanu Fort
The fort is located at a distance of 3.5 kilometres from the heart of the city. The fort is about 400 years old which was built when the Portuguese ruled the western side of India. Later, the fort was used as a jail. The fort slowly began to deteriorate in the early 19th century. There is a huge banyan tree within the premises which cannot go unnoted by the visitors. The fort is open from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all days except Sunday.

5. Mahalaxmi Mandir
The temple is located 28 kilometres from the heart of the city. Located close to the highway, it attracts the attention of a lot of travellers who pass by it. The massive temple with an enormous parking space is a major attraction in the city. A heartful darshan of goddess Laxmidevi can be obtained as there is not much rush in the temple. Close to the Mahalaxmi Mandir is another temple on the hill.

Local Culture of Dahanu

The city contains many tribal people, mostly Varli, Konkani and Kathodi. The people of Varli tribe established the popular Varli art. The official language of the city is Marathi, but most people speak Hindi also. Tarpa and Dhole are the world-famous dances which originated in this city. People in this city are mostly tribals who travel to the urban side for work.

Food and Restaurants

The city offers broad exposure to classic north-Indian foods. It is quite famous for seafood as it is in the coastal area. Ranging from parathas, naan, paneer, rotis, chaat and vada pavs, there are a variety of foods to try. Pearline Beach Resort is an ideal place to try seafood. There are also other restaurants like Hotel Ahura, Crazy Crab, 91 Degrees and Irani Restaurant and bar. North- Indian chaats and vada pav are available in local fast food shops which are a must-try as they are one of the classics of Mumbai.

History of Dahanu

The history of Dahanu can be dated back to as early as 150 BC. The Aryan tribes soon replaced the Dravidian tribes who lived in this locality. Warli tribes were semi Aryan tribes who later emerged in the city and lived a nomadic lifestyle.
Eventual Settlements
Once the village seemed quite settled, tribals, Gujratis and even Zoroastrians began to settle in the area. During the late 15th century, the Portuguese took over the region. Between 1495 and 1540, it was under the control of De Facto of Portuguese who replaced the weak administration of Sultans. However, their reign came to an end when they constructed a church in the area intending to convert everyone to Christianity.
The Maratha Era
Soon, the Marathas took over, and the people felt very contended under their rule. In 1818, the Maratha empire fell, and the city went under the control of Britishers. In the 1870s, an officer was assassinated by the local people over a controversy.
Soon enough, the town became a part of Independent India after the struggle for Independence. Dahanu Taluka became a part of Maharastra on 1 May 1960 after the Sanyuktha Maharastra Movement.

Dahanu Photos

Dahanu Sunset

FAQs on Dahanu

What is famous about Dahanu ?

The city is an ideal rural location, giving great exposure to nature. The relaxing environment and sightseeing places are significant attractions in the city. Also, the rivers and natural vegetation add to the beauty of it.

What is not so good about Dahanu ?

The city lacks adventurous activities and fun-filled places of visit. Also, there aren't any night clubs in the town, which makes it quite monotonous for clubbers.

Who should visit Dahanu?

Those who have an eye for nature and would enjoy the fresh air are highly recommended to visit Dahanu. With its calming beaches, a blanket of greenery and splendid atmosphere, it is a place to relax and de-stress the mind.

What is the best time to visit Dahanu?

October - February is the best time to visit Dahanu when the temperature remains moderate. The air is breezy, and the climate is balmy. The pleasant environment is ideal for travel and sightseeing. Summers in Dahanu can get unbearably hot and travelling in that weather can be very uncomfortable. During monsoons, between July and September, heavy rains slash the city and thus make it challenging to travel and explore the city.
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What is the best way to reach Dahanu ?

The city is well connected by road, rail and air. Transportations are available at a good frequency, thus making it quite reachable from most localities.
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What are the places near Dahanu?

The top places near to Dahanu are Silvassa which is 43 km from Dahanu, Daman which is located 52 km from Dahanu, Vikramgad which is located 40 km from Dahanu, Mumbai which is located 98 km from Dahanu, Lonavala which is located 150 km from Dahanu

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