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Hoa Trung Lake, Da Nang Overview

The rustic beauty of Hoa Trung Lake makes it a famous tourist attraction in the coastal city of Da Nang. Located in the west of Da Nang, the Hoa Trung Lake is a haven for trekkers and nature lovers. It is an artificial lake that supplies water for irrigation and cultivation in the Hoa Lien communes. Popularly referred to as the grassland of Tibet, the scenic Hoa Trung Lake is nestled between mountains and is surrounded by numerous man-made isles.

The sublime setting of the lake attracts a large number of tourists to the place. This point of attraction is heavily laden with the sight of smooth green grass, downhill slopes, surrounding mountain ranges, pristine blue water of the lake and lush green forests. It offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Visit Hoa Trung Lake to soak in the beauty of nature and indulge in fun activities like camping, photography, and boating for a memorable experience.

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Things to Do at Hoa Trung Lake

Hoa Trung Lake offers the ultimate camping experience to adventure seekers and nature lovers. Boasting the breathtaking view of the lake and the surrounding mountains, the lake is the perfect campsite. The tranquil atmosphere and the spacious meadows add to the overall experience. Camp overnight in this stunning prairie plain with friends or family surrounded by the sheer beauty of nature for a memorable and rejuvenating experience. 

Hoa Trung Lake is an ideal picnic spot that offers a unique and fun-filled experience. Lie down in the smooth green grass, take a nap in the lap of nature, soak in the sun, enjoy the majestic sight of nature, rejuvenate the mind and body in the tranquil setting and enjoy a day eating packed meals.

Hoa Trung Lake is a popular destination for photography enthusiasts. Landscape photographers often visit this place to capture the beauty of the pristine lake, lush green field of grassland, and the majestic mountains and forests surrounding the place. Wildlife photographers can enjoy clicking photographs of the herds of white strokes that grace the place and the picture-perfect view of the cows grazing in the green pastures. The perfect setting of Hoa Trung Lake also draws a lot of wedding photographers to the place. 

Fishing and Boating
At Hoa Trung Lake, one can indulge in activities like fishing with the local people. Visit the fish farms, catch fish with local fishermen and experience the authentic lifestyle of local people of Da Nang. Also, one can enjoy boating in dug-out boats made by local fish farmers. 

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Hoa Trung Lake is during October and November. At this time of the year, the Mongolian grassland of Vietnam experiences dry season. The lakes are reduced to small streams revealing the picturesque green pastures. Ideal for outdoor activities like picnics, camping, boating, and photography, Hoa Trung Lake attracts a large number of tourists and local people during the dry season. During this season, one can enjoy the rustic beauty of Hoa Trung Lake to the fullest. 

The rest of the year, Hoa Trung Lake experiences wet season. The lake becomes immersed in water and the roads become flooded. Even during this season, a lot of people visit the Hoa Trung Lake to enjoy the charming sight of the surrounding mountains and numerous artificial floating islands.


Carry food, drinks, and other required items as there is no place to shop around the lake for basic items.

How To Reach Hoa Trung Lake

Hoa Trung Lake is located approximately 20 km away from the city center in Dan Nang, in the Hoa Lien Communes and be accessed by national highway 1A. Ideally, it takes around 40 minutes to cover the distance from the city center to Hoa Trung Lake. One can use either a rental car or motorbike. Be aware of the fact that during the rainy season, a lot of routes leading to the Hoa Trung Lake get flooded and become inaccessible.

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