Nagalapuram, Chittoor Overview

Nagalapuram is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Chittoor district and a very well known trekking destination all over the country. The path here motivate the trekkers at every pitstop with the most beautiful and heartwarming views of the four waterfalls.

The trek to the waterfalls starts from the Arai Village the journey starts from the Nagala Dam. The dam welcomes the trekkers with a serene view and shows the way towards the waterfalls. The trek starts off on the simple plain ground until the water stream.

Trekking Experience

Trekking in Nagalapuram
The water stream is where the difficulty level elevates considerably and trekkers need to concentrate on every step there onwards. The nature of water as we know it is beautiful but also harsh at the same time. The intermittent positioning of the Waterfalls and their pools are of great help to the trekkers and especially when the sun is right above the head. After sweating throughout the path, the sight of a cold water pool gives a joy uncomparable. Throwing the backpack down and getting rid of the shoes while running towards the pool and then taking off in the air to hit a perfect dive is not something that can be experienced often.

Camping & Precautions
It is generally not recommended to camp in Nagalapuram, but some experienced trekkers do camp beside the trails after clearing out the camping grounds at their own risk. The region has been seeing some eve-teasing cases recently hence if females are recommended to be accompanied by guys just in case.

The trekkers visiting the trail are supposed to be registering themselves in the Nagalapuram Police station before entering the village and precautions must be taken during the trek.

  • Carry food, water and first aid kits.
  • Design your itinerary first.
  • Do not rely too much on GPS. Hire a guide instead.
  • Have a sturdy trekking gear.
  • Invest in good trekking shoes.
  • You can use trekking poles for stability. 

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