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Timings : Short Park Visit- 8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Single Day Visit- 7:40 AM - 5:30 PM
Overnight Visit- 7:40 AM - 5:30 PM

Time Required : 3-4 hours

Entry Fee : Between THB 1,250 to THB 5,800

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Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai Overview

Elephant Nature Park is a unique sanctuary and rescue centre for distressed elephants located in the Chiang Mai province of Northern Thailand. The Park is 60 km away from the main city and has been aiding dozens of elephants from all over Thailand. The Elephant Nature Park provides short, single day and overnight visit facilities to people who want to pay a visit and help to improve the condition of the animals in this centre. You can work here as a volunteer to help the team in their rescue operations.

Know that the Elephant Nature Park of Chiang Mai is a part of conservation project which was primarily started for saving the elephants of Thailand. This Park was co-founded by Sangduen Lek Chailert in the 1990s and is presently carrying out several other projects like Feeding Elephants, Elephants Bathing, Help Dogs, Wash Dogs, Vet Care, etc. You can either donate for the park or sponsor an elephant or a dog as a contribution to save the endangered species.

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Elephant Nature Park Entry Fee

Short Park Visit:
For adults- THB 2,500 (INR 5,442)
For children- THB 1,250 (INR 2,721)

Single Day Visit:
For adults- THB 2,500 (INR 5,442)
For children- THB 1,250 (INR 2,721)

Overnight Visit:
For adults- THB 5,800 (INR 12,626)
For children- THB 2,900 (INR 6,311)

Single Day Visit

A single day visit at the Elephant Nature Park is for the people who are all set to spend an entire day with nature, its creatures, and adore the beauty. You will not only find rescued elephants, the park also rescues buffalos, cats, dogs, birds, and other animals. The best way to enjoy the single day visit is by observing the carefree elephants and how they enjoy their day with the herd.

Your day will start at 07:40 AM. The first task will be to feed the elephants from the viewing platform. After this, you can enjoy the vegetarian buffet of Asian and International dishes provided by the staff. You can then take a stroll with the team and watch the elephants playing by the river. By late afternoon, you will have to bid farewell to the elephants and will be driven back to your accommodation.

Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai

-Make sure you do not carry heavy luggage for a visit. It is better to have only one small backpack per person.
-Bring a hat, sunscreen, sandals (preferably flipflops), towels, shoes for walking, camera, bug repellant, water bottle, and rain jackets, if visiting between April and October.
-The bookings close by 2:00 PM (GMT +7) on the day before your visit and a deposit is needed to reserve your booking.

Overnight Visit

If you are searching an even more thrilling experience of staying close to the loving herd of elephants, then you can opt for the overnight visit at the Elephant Nature Park. You will first be oriented by a video and a small talk which will help you learn more about the elephants and the park. After breakfast, you will be allowed to roam in the park and observe the elephants in the open pasture. Your opportunity to feed the elephants will follow this, and this will help you distinguish between elephants by specific markings, behaviour, shapes, and attitude.

For your lunch, you will be provided with a variety of dishes made of local produce and catering to all kinds of taste buds. Watch the elephants being playful with the herd in proximity and you will soon learn to communicate with them. The best part of the overnight visits is accommodation. You will be made to stay in traditional bamboo fan-cooled huts amidst the natural surrounding. They also provide visitors with mosquito nets so that you can open the windows and sleep peacefully. Also, you can wish to stay awake at night to hear the whispers, snores and occasional trumpets of the elephants.

Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai

-Carry a small day backpack along with clothes and other necessities as mentioned in the single day visit.
-Remember that the Park does not take bookings for more than one night. If you wish to stay longer, it is better to become a volunteer.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Elephant Nature Park is from November to January when it is not very hot. Remember that the rainy season starts from April and lasts till October. Since a visit to this park can be enjoyed in the open, it is advisable to avoid these months.

How to Reach Elephant Nature Park

Elephant Nature Park is located in Mae Taeng district of Chiang Mai province, Thailand. From Chiang Mai, the park is at a distance of 54 km and takes an hour and a half to reach. For the same, government buses are plying to the park every five minutes. It can cost between INR 900 to 1,400. If you opt for a taxi, it can cost up to INR 2,700.

History of Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai

Way before the establishment of the Elephant Nature Park, the co-founder Lek Chailert worked for the conservation of elephants. It was in 1998 that Adam Flinn along with Chailert founded the Elephant Nature Park. At the time of the establishment of this park, it featured daily elephant shows and rides for people. Chailert’s main aim was to put an end to such displays and run the park as a reserve. Soon in 2002, PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) called for a boycott of Thailand after learning about the condition of elephants through a documentary. This made Chailert an embarrassment for the Thai government.

The boycott of Thailand led to the withdrawal of funds for Chailert’s work. But she came to be recognised worldwide when she was called one of the “Asia’s Heroes” by the Asian edition of the Time magazine. The number of elephants in the park increased within no time and also halted the elephant shows. By then, the Elephant Nature Park facilitated visitors to come, pay and help for the welfare of elephants. Chailert has rescued about 200 distressed elephants, won several national and international awards and established other Elephant Parks in Thailand.

Elephant Nature Park, Chiang Mai

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