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Timings : 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Entry Fee :
Foreign Nationals - THB 100
Locals - THB 20
Car Parking - THB 30
Bike Parking - THB 20

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Pha Chor, Chiang Mai Overview

Pha Chor is a 30-meter high sandy cliff formed naturally due to the uplifting of earth’s tectonic plate. Hundreds of years of natural erosion have transformed the original hill into a sheer cliff over the years. Geologists believe it to have been created when the Ping River changed its path, causing the earth to shift its plate.

The present-day structure bears a distinct similarity to a monolithic wall and has often been described as a Roman Pillar. This structure is also a part of the Mae Wong National Park and is managed by the Park administration. Numerous tourists visit the cliff by climbing down into the deep gorge to marvel at the fantastic features that remind them of the Grand Canyon of USA. The term has ignited the imagination of people causing it to be named as the Grand Canyon of Thailand as a result.

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Things to Do At Pha Chor

Pha Chor
  • Hiking to the Mae Wong National Park and climbing the steps down to the canyon happen to be the only activities that one can participate here.
  • Steps directing down into the hollow space from the entrance gate leads to the oddly formed cliffs all around.
  • There are narrow paths that appear to have been sculpted from the sandy terrain at the bottom though.
  • However, the gigantic pillars look most impressive from below along with the lofty trees creating a perfect picture for the photographers eager to capture.
  • The trail for walking is clearly defined, making it simpler for tourists to access the paths.
  • The visitors are also intrigued to learn about the local crops and trees abounding in the area by looking at the strategically placed boards en route to the final point.
  • The entire trek usually takes around 40 minutes to an hour with the viewers being delighted to by the deep canyon and panoramic vista.

Highlights of Pha Chor

Pha Chor
It is a natural wonder with the visitors being accosted by soil pillars reaching up to a great height. It is one of the most interesting geological structures that have tourists mesmerised. Believed to have been in the course of River Ping, a small hillock was formed by piling up of the soil from the barren river bed after the river changed its path. Years of erosion has taken its toll on the hill, converting it into several cliffs of different proportions and shapes. The structure is covered by a thick canopy of forest providing the much-needed shade for visitors who use it to escape the heat.


  • Tourists must make sure to visit during the dry and cool winter months lasting from November to February when the trip would be pleasant
  • It is necessary to carry food or stop at one of the local eateries en route for there are no restaurants near the canyon.
  • Carrying hard cash is mandatory.

How To Reach Pha Chor

Visitors are required to travel via Highway 108 from Chiang Mai city for about 21 kilometres and then move into the rural roads, travelling 36 kilometres to reach the gates of the Mae Wong National Park where the canyon is located. The rural highways go past tiny villages that are pleasant enough with occasional rice fields showing up as well. However, the road within the Park is a dirt trail that is uneven and steep with a single-vehicle being able to pass along the narrow path at a time. There is no public transport available in the region with the tourists having to hire taxis or mountain bikes for reaching the canyon.

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