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Timings : 5:00 AM - 12:00 PM & 4:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Time Required : 1-2 hours

Entry Fee : No entry fee

Pooja Timings : Palliyarai: 5:30 AM
Kala Shanthi Puja: 6:30 AM
Uchi Kaala Puja: 12:00 PM
Sayaraksha Puja: 5:00 PM 
Arthajama Pooja: 9:00 PM

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Vadapalani Murugan Temple, Chennai Overview

Vadapalani Murugan Temple is one of the most popular temples dedicated to Lord Murugan. Located in Vadapalani, Chennai, the temple is known for helping devotees finding solutions to life's problems. People come here seeking answers to their marital, academic, and professional problems. Many devotees claim that worshipping here has assisted them to get over the trouble and find peace in life. It is also believed that worshipping Lord Murugan here is as pious as praying to him at the original Palani temple. If someone is unable to visit the original abode, they can pay their respects here, and Murugan will bless them all the same.

Vadapalani Murugan Temple has its roots fixed in numerous legends and myths, especially about its founder and first priest Annaswamy Naikar. He had a dream about this deed he must do for his good as well as the benefit of the society, and thus he started worshipping Lord Murugan at his home instead of trying to find him elsewhere. This small shrine was later transformed into the colossal premise with multiple deities that you can see today. If you visit the temple on any of the days of the special festivals, you will get to see the popularity Murugan has in this place.

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Legend of Vadapalani Murugan Temple

The popular legend of the Vadapalani temple says that its founder Annaswamy Naikar traveled far and wide across south India in search of Murugan's blessing and a cure for his chronic stomach pain. One day a sage appeared in his dreams and directed him to find the Lord in his own home. Annaswamy followed his advice and came back home to worship his lord twice daily. He sacrificed his tongue at the Thiruthani shrine of Murugan, and that cured his long-lasting ailment.

One day he went for pilgrimage to the Palani temple of Lord Murugan which is one of the six holy abodes of Murugan and on his way back, he found a picture of the god and was so awestruck by it that he brought it home. He set up the photo as his deity and put up a thatched roof to make it a shrine. This is where he attained the power of 'arul vaakku' by Murugan's blessings and began to solve the devotees' problems, or so the local folklore goes.

History of Vadapalani Murugan Temple

The original temple of the deity of Vadapalani Murugan shrine was a small thatched hut under which Annaswamy Naikar paid his respects and worshipped a picture of Lord Murugan with all his devotion. In around 1890, this temple was built at the spot where it still stands. He was the orchestrator, founder and the first priest of the temple. The shrine gained its popularity because of Annaswamy's 'arul vaakku' or foretelling and healing powers. It was believed by the devotees of the temple that his sacred words were solutions to their different problems in life like marriage troubles, failure in examinations, unemployment, ailments and so on.

His disciple Rathinaswamy Chettiyar took upon himself the responsibility to build this house of worship, and after Annaswamy passed away, he became the chieftain and the priest of the temple. Legend says he was also blessed with the ability to speak the words of solution while being in a trance. Later on in 1920, the temple was refurbished, and the Rajagopuram on the Inner Ring Road was also built. Over the last century, it has gained popularity mainly because of the patronage of south Indian film stars. They come here often to pay respect and pray for their new movies.

Architecture of Vadapalani Murugan Temple

The temple's architecture follows the traditional style of south Indian temples, complete with the Rajagopuram with several stucco figures, many of them are poses of the classical dance form Bharatnatyam. There are numerous deities residing within the premises of Vadapalani Murugan Temple, like Ganesh or Vinayaka, Lord Shiva, Meenakshi Amman, Sanmuga, Kali, Bhairava, Dakshinamurti, Mahalakshmi and so on. The idol of Lor Murugan is the chief deity amongst all, and he resides in the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.

The one speciality of the deity is that he stands with his footwear, which is a symbolism of shedding one's arrogance. He also stands with one foot forward, and myth says it is because the Lord is rushing to help his followers. A fig tree is considered to be the holy tree of this temple, where devotees tie strings to pray for fulfilment of their wishes. They also offer sacrifices, garments as well as gold and silver as a price. There is a hall which is used for marriages. More than 7000 couples tie knot here each year, blessed by the Murugan.

Vadapalani Murugan Temple Festivals

Vaikasi and Brahmotsav: The Brahmotsave is celebrated in a grand manner at the temple during the Vaikasi month for 11 days. It begins on the day of Visakam Nakshatram and the Lord's awakening. The seventh day is special because theLord'ss chariot is taken out fora procession. It ends with the Vidaiyatri Urchavam.

Purattasi: This is the Tamil version of Navaratri, when Amman is worshipped for 9 days, along with the other deities of the temple. It ends with the parivettai uchavam and procession of Vijaya Dashami.

Iypasi: This is the celebration of the victory of goodness over evil. Lor Murugan defeated and killed demon Suran on the sixth day of the crescent moon during the Iypasi month of Tamil calendar. This day marks the Kanda Shashthi, and on this day the events of the victory, or as they call it, Sura Samhara will be recreated by the devotee as a part of the festivities. The seventh day marks the wedding of Murugan to Valli and Deyvaanai, his two consorts and is called Subramanyar Thiru Kalyanam. On the remaining three days, the procession of the main deity Swami Purappaaddu takes place.

Margazhi: Udal Urchavam is commenced on the tenth day of Thiruvadharai Urchavam on the Pournami of the Margazhi month.

Panguni: Panguni Uthiram lathcharchanai goes on for ten days and is over on the Panguni Uthram day. This is followed by the departure of Vadapalani Andavar in the evening. A deepam festival takes place after this for 3 days.

How To Reach Vadapalani Murugan Temple

The temple is situated in a very strategic position connected on all sides by busy bus routes, all of which make stops here. The Chennai Railway Station is also only a 30 to 40 minutes' drive away, and so is the airport. You can either take a bus or hire a cab for your smooth journey to the temple.

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