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How to Reach Cebu City from India

There are many flight companies which would offer you a direct flight to the city of Cebu some of the prime one being Air India, Cathay Pacific and Singapore Airlines. From there you can take a cab which would leave you into the city of Cebu.

How to reach Cebu City by flight

You would get numerous direct flight to the Mactan Cebu International Airport, where the process of clearance as well as baggage claim is extremely fast. From there you can take a cab which would take approximately an hour to leave you into the main Cebu city

How to reach Cebu City by road

There isn't any route to this island by cab or car.

How to reach Cebu City by train

There isn't any route by train to this island.

How to reach Cebu City by bus

There isn't any route by Bus to this island

How to reach Cebu City by Waterways

You can consider the option of reaching this place through water, by coming to any of the following places namely Manila, Butuan City, Zamboanga. From their you can take a ferry to the island of Cebu.

Local transport in Cebu City

You can move around the city in the similar way as the local people do. They ride on colourful Jeepneys however there routes aren't mentioned anywhere, hence you would have to find it on your own. If you donĂȘt want to travel in these colourful vehicles then you always have the option of travelling through buses which normally cover or move between the north and south regions. The last option to consider is definitely cab or taxi which would be the best option to consider if time is what you want to save.

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