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Tops Lookout, Cebu City Overview

Tops Lookout is a very stunning vantage point in Cebu City which boasts of enchanting views of the sprawling Cebu township below and the city skyline. Considered to be a respite from the chaos and hustle bustle of city life, the mountain is situated at a height of 600 metres and is a popular picnic spot in the region. Covered in clouds and misty environment, you can enjoy views of the coast of Bohol and communes of Mandaue and Mactan Island. Besides, most tourists visit here to watch the mesmerising sunsets when the sky is covered in orange blue hues that merge with the clear blue skyline.

Another popular activity at the vantage point is star gazing. You can get your binoculars up here and spend a night in peace and tranquil watching the heavenly bodies in solitude. If not, you can also enjoy a romantic meal under the night skies at any of the restaurants situated nearby. All in all, the mountain top offers a gorgeous backdrop and especially during the nights, you can especially hear the silence and watch the twinkling city lights down below and lit up stars above.

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Structure of the Tops Lookout

Tops Lookout has a very peculiar yet a very unique structure. The central space is shaped like an unfinished circle which gives one a circular tube like or tunnel like feeling. On the circumference, there have been clear divisions made to make space for rooms and spaces with circular entrances. These tiny rooms are provided with small benches and some space where you can sit down with your things to enjoy a picnic or just relax with sweeping views in the background.

Tops Lookout
  1. Lawns

    In the centre of these room like structures, there is a lawn which has concrete hexagonal shaped blocks. The spaces between these blocks are filled in with lush green grass that is trimmed and groomed every now and then. 
  2. Benches

    On the front facing area, you can find some benches scattered around, especially made for the tourists. You can sit here to relax, soak in the ambiance, to watch mesmerising sunsets or sunrises. You can also get your binoculars at the spot and enjoy a session of star gazing or simply just the panorama of the city. This also has some parasols and umbrellas to protect you from the direct rays of the sun.
  3. Snack Bars

    In between the rooms to accommodate tourists, there are several snack bars and eateries selling all kinds of refreshments and beverages like noodles, chips, soft drinks and in some places, even liquor. 
  4. Souvenir Shop

    A small Souvenir Shop in the vicinity which sells usual touristy stuff like trinkets, accessories, hats, key rings and other knick knacks that the tourists can take home.

How to Reach

The single motorbike called the ‘habal habal’ can be rented from the nearby JY Square Mall situated in Gorordo Avenue. You can reach the JY Square Mall in a jeepney bound for JY Mall. At the mall, you can find motorbikes waiting for you to take you to the Tops Lookout. You can also hire a private taxi to reach to the top, however, it will be slightly more expensive. A few jeepneys also offer rides to the location. But as the passengers are a handful per day, there are only a few jeepneys operating on the route and have specific timings. Also, these jeepneys will drop you off at the base from where the vantage point is a 10 min climb uphill.

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