How To Reach Cat Tien National Park

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How to Reach Cat Tien National Park

  • Located nearly 150 km away from HCMC, the recently renovated highway leading out of the capital to Cat Tien National Park enables road travel from Ho Chi Minh is as little as 3 Hours.
  • A river separates Cat Tien National Park from the nearest village, Tan Phu, and ferries must be boarded to complete this final leg of the journey into the park itself.
  • An alternative travel arrangement can also be made through buses that ply between Ho Chi Minh City to Cat Tien National Park, following the same route as cars. The journey usually takes 5 hours, allowing some time for a rest-stop.
  • Renting taxis or hired cars to take you from Dalat or Ho Chi Minh City is advisable for people travelling in groups of two or more as it works out cheaper most of the time and is the most convenient way to get to Cat Tien National Park.

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Local transport in Cat Tien National Park

  • The Cat Tien National Park is mainly popular for the walking trails that it offers in addition to cycling trails of varying difficulty levels.
  • Following the map as a rough guide is alright, however, some trails that have been marked as medium difficulty are actually quite treacherous to traverse alone.
  • According to some recent regulations, getting your own bike into the park is not allowed. You can rent one at the park itself for about 30,000 VND.
  • Crocodile Lake or Bau Sau Lake can be trekked or hiked to alone. However, having a guide may encourage wildlife sightings.
  • One of the most common threats in the National Park is leeches, Anti-Leech socks are available at the reception of the national park.
  • Keep your GPS trackers handy as the trails within the park are quite confusing.

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Cat Tien National Park
Crocodile Lake in Cat Tien National Park
Jungle Safari - Cat Tein National Park
Dao Tien Endangered Primate Species Centre

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