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Bidar Tourism

A city rich in culture and heritage, Bidar is a historical city in Karnataka. Once considered to be the most flourishing cities in South India, Bidar is packed with great architectural marvels and ancient structures that add on to its charm. Being once the centre of power of many great kingdoms such as Chalukyas, Allauddin Khilji, Muhammad bin Tughluq etc. has enriched the city that showcases the architectural legacy of their rulers.

Apart from its historical significance, Bidar is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna along the rivers Godavari and Krishna which flow through the city. The presence of temples, mosques and tombs also glorifies the spiritual aspect of the city making it popular among pilgrims. 

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More on Bidar

Hub for Culture, Religion and Tradition

Bidar is the headquarters of the district of Bidar that edges on the borders of the states of Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh. Earlier a small city, this is now urbanising itself at a swift pace. Bidar is notable for its various architectural and historical sites as well as for its regional significance.

Bidar is also the host to the second biggest Air Force training centre in India. It also recognised for its opulent history and its bidri handicraft merchandises. It is also one of the holiest and religious destinations for the community of Sikhs in India. As a matter of fact, Bidar is the wettest as well as the coldest place in the state of Karnataka.

Restaurants and Local Food in Bidar

Bidar, being a city located in South India mainly serves the South India cuisine. Rice is the main core ingredient of their dishes. The city offers many fancy restaurants to street food outlets offering delicious food.
However, you will also find different types of delicious idlis, dosas and Vadas.
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Suggested Itinerary for Bidar

Bidar is a place packed with a myriad of tourist attractions displaying the city's glorious past. Although it is not possible to explore the whole city in one day nonetheless, a one-day itinerary of Bidar can be incredibly exciting.

After a delicious breakfast, your first destination in the list should be the Gurudwara Nanak Jhira Sahib. The other places that are must visit in the city are the Madrasa of Mahamud Gawan, Papnash Shiva Temple, The Chaubaara and Solah Khamb Mosque. However, the most sought after place is Bidar Fort is which must be explored during the sunset which further glorifies the colossal fort. Make sure you take pit stops for snack apart from the main meals.

Bidar Photos

Bidar, Karnataka
Bahamani Tombs
Rangin Mahal

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FAQs on Bidar

What is famous about Bidar?

It gets very little tourist traffic, hence remains unexploited. Locals are welcoming to tourists.

What is not so good about Bidar?

One of the least Westernised parts of Karnataka (conservative values predominate here).

Who should visit Bidar?

Bidar is ideal for those who love travelling to historical, cultural and religious places. It can be visited by architecture lovers as it houses many specimens of architectural marvel. Also a good place for researchers who can come here and delve into historical sites and monuments.

What is the best time to visit Bidar?

The best time to visit Bidar is from October to March which are the cooler months. Tourists visiting during this time can also enjoy various festivals and cultural programs. During the summers, Bidar is quite hot, but sudden bouts of showers tend to be very refreshing. However, it is not exactly the best time to explore the place. Winter season is pretty pleasant, though a bit cold, poses to be an amazing time to witness the glorious past of the city. Monsoon season receives moderate rainfall but is recommended to be avoided.
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What is the local food in Bidar?

Bidar, being a city located in South India mainly serves the South India cuisine. Rice is the main core ingredient of their dishes. The city offers many fancy restaurants to street food outlets offering delicious food.
However, you will also find different types of delicious idlis, dosas and Vadas.
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What is the best way to reach Bidar?

Bidar is connected well by train and roads and has no airport in the city. The nearest airport to Bidar is located in Hyderabad. It is an international airport and connected to all the major cities. Bidar is connected by train to Bangalore, Hyderabad and Mumbai. It is also connected by an excellent network of roads to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Gulbarga and Bijapur. However, it 's hard to find buses on this route. Hiring a car or a taxi is more convenient. 
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What are the things to do in Bidar?

The top things to do in Bidar are Narasimha Jhira Cave Temple, Bidar Fort, Shopping in Bidar, Bahamani Tombs, Papnash Shiva Temple, Rangin Mahal. You can see all the places to visit in Bidar here

What are the places near Bidar?

The top places near to Bidar are Hampi which is 308 km from Bidar, Hyderabad which is located 118 km from Bidar, Goa which is located 476 km from Bidar, Agra which is located 1030 km from Bidar, Aurangabad which is located 315 km from Bidar

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Pallavi Siddhanta 2 years ago
- Carry a pair of good sport shoes as visiting Bidar involves a lot of walking.
- Winters are cold, so carry extra woolens.
- Make sure you have enough information beforehand of the historic buildings or have a guide with you.
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