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Moti Masjid, Bhopal Overview

Moti Masjid is one of the many mosques located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Even though the mosque is relatively smaller in size as compared to the other exquisite and historical monuments that stand majestically in the 'city of mosques', the Moti Masjid is of equal importance. This famous historic landmark was built by Sikander Jehan Begum of Bhopal, daughter of Qudusiya Begum, in the year 1860. Sikander Begum was an unconventional woman who abolished slavery and set up the trend of the progressive woman in the entire city. Popularly known as the Pearl Mosque, the mosque is located in the heart of the city and represents the rich history of the Bhopal Begums in India.

The architecture of the Moti Masjid in Bhopal has a striking resemblance to the architecture of the Jama Masjid in Delhi, except for the size. The Moti Masjid features a white marble facade with two small cupolas on the top. The two dark red towers on either side of the primary structure of the mosque are equally beautiful and fascinating.

The easy accessibility of the Moti Masjid through both local and private transport makes this place a popular attraction that tourists love to visit. The mosque is best visited in the early morning hours when there are fewer people here, and one can pray in silence and peace. A typical visit to the Moti Masjid lasts for about an hour or so, and the excursion can be coupled with a visit to nearby attractions like Shaukat Mahal, Van Vihar National Park, Lower Lake or Birla Museum.

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History of Moti Masjid

Bhopal - 'The City of Lakes', is particularly famous for its important shrine of the Moti Masjid that is located here. The history of the mosque is associated with the liberating deeds and thoughts of its builder, Sikander Begum, who is well known all across the globe for her liberal nature. Sikander Begum brought about a revolution in the territory and initiated architectural development. It was under her aegis that roads, buildings and monuments were built in Bhopal, Moti Masjid being a major one amongst them.

Sikander Begum is also well known for her courage and bravery. She used to dress up as a man and would go out riding without a veil. She set up the trend of progressive women in the city of Bhopal, and the Moti Masjid bears testimony to this rebellious, liberated and progressive woman.

Architecture of Moti Masjid

The Moti Masjid stands majestically as a symbol of Bhopal's grand and magnificent history. The mosque features a white marble facade with two small cupolas on the top. On either side of the main building are two dark red towers that are adorned with bright golden spikes. These exquisite minarets are rightly considered to be the gateway to heaven on Earth and are used for the call to prayer for all the faithful and devoted followers of the Islam religion.

The construction of the mosque took place during 1854 to 1860 and does justice to the tradition of those times. The style of the architecture of this mosque is mostly Islamic. Sandstone is used in all the three decorated gates, verandas, canopies, the flooring of the courtyard and on the tapering minarets. The main hall, made up of white marble, has a decorated archway.

One can also find two ablution tanks on either side of the eastern gate, complete with marble fountains. These ablution tanks are used for the holy ablution process, which is a ceremonial act of washing parts of the body and is followed in Muslim tradition. The centrally located prayer hall looks like a real pearl and is truly marvellous to look at. The entire structure is built on a raised platform, and the main prayer hall is further elevated. All in all, this place harmoniously combines superb architectural methods with beautiful decorative elements.

Best Time To Visit Moti Masjid

The best time to plan a trip here is in the months of October to December, or February to March. The weather is at its best in these months, so you can enjoy your day out without having to worry about the soaring temperatures and scorching heat.

Tips For Visiting Moti Masjid

Make sure to cover your heads and body parts properly before entering the mosque. In order to abide by the rules of the religion, make sure you follow the prayer.

How To Reach Moti Masjid

Being a famous tourist destination, the Moti Masjid is easily accessible by all means of transport. Once in the city, you can use local transport like buses or autos, or private vehicles to reach the destination. The public transport of the city is also available from the Bhopal Railway Station in Hamidia road.

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