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Time Required : 1-2 hours

Entry Fee : INR 10 per person (Fridays free)

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Bharat Bhavan, Bhopal Overview

Bharat Bhavan is an autonomous multi-arts complex and museum in the state of capital Bhopal, established and funded by the Government of Madhya Pradesh. Inaugurated in 1982 by the then Prime Minister of India - Mrs. Indira Gandhi. It is a multi-arts centre that has been set up to create an interactive experience through verbal, visual and performing arts. Bharat Bhavan provides space for contemporary expression, thought, quest and innovation and is the favourite haunt of people looking for witnessing exquisite dance and singing performances. Artists from all around the country perform here at the various events related to the free expression of thought.

Reflecting the beauty of all that lies inside, the architecture of the Bharat Bhavan itself shines through like a beautiful diamond overlooking the Upper Lake.  It houses an art gallery which is adorned with a number of splendid art pieces, and if the spectacle manages to grasp your attention you can yourself take a lesson or two at the fine art workshops. An open-air amphitheatre, a studio theatre and an auditorium here in the premises are the perfect places to witness a live performance or better still, perform yourself. History of Indian art forms make an appearance at the museum of tribal and folk art, libraries of Indian poetry, classical music as well as folk music. 

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Sections of Bharat Bhavan

Bharat Bhavan can be divided the following sections, each of which focuses on a particular form of art:-

Roopankar: This is the museum of fine art which has a gallery displaying contemporary folk, tribal and modern art. It has a particularly notable section dedicated to tribal arts which is a must visit for anyone who is looking to explore the indigenous art form of India. 
Rangmandal: Rangmandal is a creative take on graphics and ceramics art workshops.
Vagarth: This is the centre of Indian poetry, library, archive, and translation centre and has an exhaustive collection of prominent written works.
Anhad: Anhad is the library of classical and folk music, audio and video archives and also organizes dance recitals and classical music series like Parampara. 
Saptak Chhavi: This is the centre of classical cinema.
Nirala Srijanpeeth: This is the creative writing centre.

Architecture and Attractions of Bharat Bhavan

The magnificent 1,20,000 square feet complex of Bharat Bhavan was designed by Charles Correa, who was the architect behind its meticulous design. Towards the outer facade of the complex, he found the possibilities of a series of terraced gardens, which would be seen cascading down to the lake. The inside of the Bharat Bhavan is a medley of courtyards, split-level exhibition spaces, galleries and performance rooms.

The visitors enter at the highest level and walk down a pedestrian spine, flanked by a pattern of courtyards, to reach the various parts of the complex. Each curve and space defines itself. Each of the parts of the building is distinct yet flows easily one another, linked by meandering paths. An outdoor museum, libraries of poetry and music and a museum find a place here as well and are designed in such a manner that they draw natural light from three conical skylights.

History of Bharat Bhavan

The early 1980s saw the Indian government's renewed focus on promoting the performing arts in the country, and the pioneer of the same in Madhya Pradesh was Ashok Vajpeyi, an IAS-officer in state Ministry of Education. Bharat Bhavan was inaugurated by Indira Gandhi in the year 1982. In the following years, the institute became one of the biggest centres of convening artists, scholars and students who visited from regions far and wide.

The initial years of Bharat Bhavan were adorned with the presence of  B. V. Karanth who headed the 'Rangamandal repertory' and staged various Hindi productions at Bharat Bhavan. The "Bharat Bhavan Biennial of Contemporary Indian Art" started in 1986, followed by "Bharat Bhavan International Print Biennial" in 1989. The last twenty years have been particularly fruitful for this organisation as these have been the force behind a number of programs including music concerts, readings, exhibitions and film shows. It has produced as many as 50 plays, each of which have had hundreds of screenings.

How To Reach Bharat Bhavan

Located near Kilol Park, Bharat Bhavan is easily accessible from all points of the city via a taxi or Rickshaw. You can also hire a cab and a driver from transport companies in the city.

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