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"The Charm City"

Baltimore Tourism

Maryland's Largest City Baltimore is the 30th most populous city in the US which is also the largest independent city. Earlier crowned as a city with high crime rates, Baltimore has now emerged as a city rich in history and culture. Lying just 40 miles away from Washington, there's a lot to explore and enjoy in Baltimore, from interesting museums and historic sites to shopping districts and live jazz music, and of course the harbour.

"Balmer" to the locals, the charming city is one of the most historically significant cities in the United States. Baltimore is home to African-Americans, more than half a dozen museums, the popular Fort McHenry, the original Washington Monument, and Edgar Allen Poe. The Inner Bay is the most visited spot in the city, which showcases a couple of museums, an aquarium, and some historic ships along the Chesapeake Bay. Baltimore has some exceptional art collections, vibrant neighbourhoods, dominating seafood dining scene, and a primitive historic heritage. The city also hosts several exciting festivals, especially during summers.

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Currency in Baltimore

US Dollar is the nation-wide official currency in America. Baltimore also has a recently admitted local currency 'B-Note', but USD is accepted easily. Credit and Debit cards are readily accepted at most of the businesses. Keep some cash with you though, you might need to pay with paper bills at times.

Shopping in Baltimore

Some great spots for shopping in Baltimore are Townson Tower Center, Hampden, Village of Cross Keys, White Marchel Mall and Harborplace. Mount Vernon is a great neighborhood for an exciting shopping spree. If you've got some extra time, plan to check out the 200 years old Lexington Market or the Corradetti Glassblowing Studio and Gallery.

Nightlife in Baltimore

Most of the popular neighborhoods in Baltimore have bars and clubs concentrated around them, including Fells Point, Canton Square, Mount Vernon and Federal Hill. One can enjoy live music and craft beers at many of the establishments, and also check out the oldest Irish Pub in US- Patrik's of Pratt Street. Another way to enjoy the dark hours in Baltimore is getting onto the Charm City Pedal Mill, which lets you stop by selected bars in the city- an experience absolutely worth trying.

History of Baltimore

The Charm City Baltimore was incorporated in July, 1729, and named after the proprietary Governor of Maryland, Lord Baltimore. The earliest inhabitants on this land were some Native American tribes, which was later settled by the British colonists. Baltimore was the site of notable Battle of Baltimore, during the War of 1812. African-American population in the city denotes their emergence in Baltimore during the Revolutionary War, when they were brought from Africa as slaves. The city is historically significant for the Americans majorly because of Fort McHenry, the place where Francis Scott Key penned down the American National Anthem- the Star-Spangled Banner.

Language of Baltimore

English is the language used majorly in the city, with an interesting Baltimore accent known as Baltimorese. Spanish is another language many citizens speak at home as their first language.

Baltimore Customs

Baltimore welcomes all four seasons, so pack your bags according to the weather. When getting to the Inner Harbor, carry a light jacket to save yourself from the cool breezes in the evening. There are no specific rules of conduct in Baltimore, however general etiquettes prevailing in the US must be followed. Tipping is not mandatory, but it is kind to offer gratuities if you get a nice service, about 15 to 20% of the total amount.

Religion of Baltimore

The religious population in Baltimore follows various religions, such as Christianism, Judaism, an eastern faith, and Islam.

Daily Budget for Baltimore

For transportation, meals and a drink (plus tips); a traveller on budget would spend about USD 70. Mid-ranged expenses lead upto USD 100 - 120, while luxurious expenditure costs above USD 170 for a day.

Exchanging Money in Baltimore

Various bureaux de change and banks provide currency exchange services. Altough you might get a better exchange rate if you use ATMs to take local currency.

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How to Reach Baltimore

How to Reach Overview

The Baltimore-Washington International Airport is well-connected with the world, while trains and buses provide services to get into the city from nearby cities.

How to reach Baltimore by flight

The airport is a few miles outside the city, having flights to and from most of the major cities in the US; also it serves as a landing point for flights of various international airlines.

How to reach Baltimore by road

You can either rent a car or even hire a taxi to explore the nearby areas outside the city.

How to reach Baltimore by train

Baltimore has an Amtrak station on Charles Street, and another one closer to the airport. It can be used to get into Washington, DC or vice-versa.

How to reach Baltimore by bus

Several companies like Greyhound, Apex Bus, MVP Bus and Mega Bus run buses which link Baltimore to nearby cities.

Local transport in Baltimore

Baltimore has a lot of commuting options, the best of them however is by car. You can drive your own car or rent one, and easily navigate the grid-patterned roads. Public transportation is also reliable, with multiple options of buses, Light Rail, Metro Subway, taxis and water-taxis. A free bus service 'Charm City Circulator' is also available, which connects to most of the major attractions in the city free of cost.

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FAQs on Baltimore

What is the best time to visit Baltimore?

March-May is the best time to visit Baltimore. Fall and spring season has mild temperatures, whereas, summer in Baltimore brings heavy crowds, peak accommodation prices and hot and humid days. The winter months of December-February are chilly and generally avoided by the tourists. January is the coldest of all! Rainfall is frequent all year round in Baltimore, so make sure you carry an umbrella on your trip there. Summer (June - August) in Baltimore is fun with ample nightlife options and many significant local events like HonFest, Baltimore Pride Festival, Artscape and Maryland State Fair.
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What are the places near Baltimore?

The top places near to Baltimore are Washington dc which is 56 km from Baltimore, New york city which is located 272 km from Baltimore, Boston which is located 578 km from Baltimore, Las vegas which is located 3381 km from Baltimore, Los angeles which is located 3726 km from Baltimore

What is the best way to reach Baltimore?

The Baltimore-Washington International Airport is well-connected with the world, while trains and buses provide services to get into the city from nearby cities.
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What is the local food in Baltimore?

There are endless options of lip-smacking food items in Baltimore. Crabs are the most essential ingredients for the highlighted dishes in the city; such as Maryland Blue Crab, Crab Cake, steamed crabs, and crab bisque. Pit beef sandwich is also a local favorite, in which the beef is barbecued slowly for the entire day in a deep pit. Faidley's in Lexington Market is a great place to taste the local flavors.
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