Waterbom Bali

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Timings : 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Entry Fee : Single-Day Pass: IDR 327,000 - IDR 1,435,000,
Two-Day Pass: IDR 477,000 - IDR 2,035,000

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Waterbom Bali, Bali Overview

Named Asia's Number One waterpark, Waterbom in south Kuta, Bali offers an adventurous water-filled day for families and friends visiting the island. It has a plethora of rides for everyone- from the "Lazy River" for the relaxing couple to the adrenaline-pumping 20m tall "Boomerang". The various dining and bar options make this exciting venue fun for the whole family.

The rides in the Waterbom park ranges from mild to extreme slides. This makes the park versatile. The amount of greenery and cleanliness fascinates everyone visiting the park. The park is also decorated in such a way that it depicts a jungle, this is also to provide enough shade to protect guests from the scorching sun. All the rides are manned and guided by lifeguards. And as Waterbom Bali caters to all age groups, it happens to be one of the most celebrated family destinations of Bali. Those looking to relax while their loved ones explore this fascinating park can enjoy the affordable Javanese massages and fish foot spa at the spa centre inside the park.


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Best Time to Visit Waterbom

The Best Time to Visit Waterbom in Bali is between February and April, and September
The Best Time to Visit Waterbom in Bali is between February and April, and September (Source)

The best time to visit Bali is during July to August, this the holiday season and the high season. During this time, it's best to visit the park just when it opens. But to avoid long queues, February, March, April and September is also a good time.

Waterbom Bali Rides

The rides here make Waterbom Bali one of the best water parks in Asia. They are fun, fantastic and takes you through a jaw-dropping, breath-taking and unravelling experience.

Mild Slides
These slides are best for infants or kindergarten children.
The Lazy River at Waterbom is Suitable for Infants and Chilling (Source)
  •  Funtastic: It is a kind of water playground, where children (under six) can play and splash around with the water reaching only their knees. It consists of tube slides, cannons, water jets, a huge water bucket tipping water, designed to keep kids engaged for hours.
  • Lazy River: This is one of the most popular attraction of the park. It is suitable for all age groups. This a good spot for relaxation. Just be lazy and float around in a rubber tube amidst the shady jungle fauna.
Moderate Slides
These rides are for primary school children to have plenty of fun throughout the day.

The Moderate Rides at Waterbom are Enjoyable for the Whole Family (Source)
  • Constrictor: The constrictor is the longest waterslide in the world. It is 250 meters tall and is a typical water slide where you can slide through a moderately paced slide in a rubber tube. The minimum height for this one is 100cm. Single and double tubes is available.
  • Python: This ride is a very popular one. It is an enclosed tunnel ride where one portion is in complete darkness and you can experience unexpected drops and turns. The minimum height for this one too is 100cm.
  • Super Bowl: Unlike traditional waterslides, it makes your rubber tube spin around a giant bowl and splashes you in the pool beneath. Beware! It can make you trippy but is equally and different from the monotonous waterslides. The minimum height for this one is 122cm.
Extreme Slides
These rides make Waterbom Bali a perfect place to hang out with your extremist college squad. These rides are quite challenging. After watching what happens in these slides, you won't know whether to put yourself through this or not! The following are the few of the best.
The Extreme Rides at Waterbom are Thrilling and Exciting (Source)
  • Twin Racers: Side by side a twin exhilarating slide featuring an enclosed tunnel, end of which is a sudden drop that takes you down and lets you race with your friends. The drops can be scary sometimes. The minimum height for this one is 110cm.
  • Fast N Fierce: Another side by side slide which launches you into a giant tube at a very high speed. The experience is the thrill and plunging. The minimum height for this one is 120cm.
  • Double Twist: This takes you through a journey inside a double-looped closed slide. It's a mix and match of fast and slow speeds with twist and turns. The minimum height for this one is 120cm
  • Green Viper: This is much milder compared to the others. It features two slides side by side built using a glass fibre material. One slide is enclosed and another open. The minimum height for this one is 100cm.
  • Pipeline: This will wipe you through a twisted tube, pumping up your heart beat. It starts from a high pavilion point with beautiful views. It is nearly 20 meters high, but it takes only 10 - 13 seconds to slide through the tube with extreme speed.
  • Climax: The most extreme ride of the park. It is straight vertical drop down 16 m. You stand inside a small enclosed chamber, where you wait for few seconds, a door opens right beneath your feet and drops you down. This ride is extreme and intense. The minimum height for this ride is 100 cm.
  • Flowrider: It is a life like replica of a wave where you can enjoy real surfing, as if you were in the ocean. But for this you need to book in advance. You can either book for half an hour or one hour. Also, it comes at an extra cost. 30 min session: IDR 125,000; 1-hour session: IDR 200,000

Waterbom Bali Tickets and Entry

A Single Day Pass at Waterbom Bali Grants you Access to all the Rides (Source)

A day at the Waterbom Bali can be quite flattering, the tickets are expensive compared to other parks in Indonesia. The ticket counter is right where you will enter the park from. On arriving at the park, the security will perform a mandatory security check to ensure and prevent any acts of terrorism. Any outside food items will get eliminated from this point, however water is allowed inside. Kids under age of 2 enjoy free entry and adult ticket charges apply from 12+ ages.

Single Day Entry:
Single day entry ticket includes, re-entry, use of all slides, mats and tubes for the date of purchase.
Children: IDR 327,000,
Adults: IDR 455,000,
Family (2 adults, 2 children): IDR 1,435,000,

Two Day Entry:

Two day entry ticket includes, re-entry for two consecutive days, use of all slides, mats and tubes.
Children: IDR 477,000,
Adults: IDR 655,000,
Family: IDR 2,035,000,

VIP Package:
The VIP package includes entry, lunch, rides and activities, gazebos, towels and express counter entry.
Children: IDR 750,000,
Adults: IDR 880,000

Value Package:
The value package includes all the benefits of a single day pass along with lunch.
Children: IDR 415,000,
Adults: IDR 510,000

Discount on Waterbom Bali Tickets

Few websites like, govoyagin.com, klook.com, sell discounted tickets of the park. Also Garuda Indonesia boarding passes can get you a discount of 15%. Few hotels in Kuta and Bali also provide discount tickets and packages for Waterbom Bali.

Waterbom Bali Food

There are multiple delicious food options at Waterbom Bali (Source)

The food at Waterbom Bali is cheap, versatile, easily available and delicious all at once. There are numerous dining options at the waterpark, some of which are Wantilan Food Court, Pret-a-Manger, The Shack, Poke a dog, and Thaitalian.

Waterbom Bali Shopping

There are a number of shops at Waterbom Bali, which sell stuff you'd need at Waterbom, starting from swim wear to sunscreens al at ultimately reasonable prices, just in case you left back something in the hotel. Inside the park there are a lot souvenir and handicraft stores as well.

Tips For Visiting Waterbom Bali

Bring Hats, Sunglasses and Sunscreen While Visiting Waterbom Bali (Source)

Incase the food inside the park doesn't fascinates you, make use of the same day re-entry ticket to go and have lunch outside the park.
Do not forget to pack hats, shades and sunblock.
Hire a locker and keep an extra set of clothes as you will be getting wet.
Carry water bottles all the time.
The park has introduced a unique system namely, 'The Splash Band' to make your stay in the park hassle free and easier. It is a waterproof band which allows all your money transactions inside the park, whether its food, drinks or ride tickets. There are numerous recharge kiosks throughout the park. And if you want to avoid the hassle of a kiosks, you can also link it with your credit card. This will obviously save your money from getting soggy, lost or stolen.
Gazebos: What if Bali's heat catches you and you are in dire need of rest? You can hire Gazebos, roofed, detached porches, for you to rest and have some food, under the cool shade of lush green. Regular Gazebo (6 people): IDR 180,000; Family Gazebo (8 people): IDR 230,000; Private Family Gazebo (10 to 12 people, including 6 soft drinks/mineral water and 6 towels): IDR 1,000,000

Waterbom Bali in Kuta, Bali, Indonesia (Source)

Waterbom Bali happens to be the perfect spot for the ideal family holiday. This destination not only becomes a complete package of kid-friendly fun but is also great entertainment for the adults. It is a must-visit for anyone looking for family-friendly fun on their Bali vacation.

How To Reach Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Bali is located in South Kuta of Bali in Indonesia (Source)

Waterbom Bali is situated in the heart of Kuta, centrally located at the Jalan Kartika plaza. The park is easily accessible by walk, taxis, cars or even scooters. The easiest way to reach Waterbom Bali is to walk from your hotel if it's near Kuta Beach. Also, you can hire a taxi. The average taxi fare ranges from IDR 30,000 - IDR 300,000, depending on where you hire the taxi from. There is also an adventurous way to travel to the park and that is by scooters. Scooter rentals ranges from IDR 40,000 - IDR 60,000. Thus, it is a great deal and also convenient. Another way to visit the park is by the Kura-Kura bus shuttle. You can board the shuttle from the discovery mall along Line 1 of the shuttle service and get down at the Waterbom Bali stop at Jl Kartika Plaza, which is the main street in Southern Kuta.

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