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Bali is a city that has an abundance of natural beauty and plenty of spaces to rejuvenate a tired spirit from a hectic work day. This is why this culturally rich city has come up with multiple places for the modern day travellers who work on the go. Here is a list of a few of the best co-working spaces in the city:

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Best Co-Working Spaces in Bali

If coworking space could be turned into a hotel, with a picturesque view of nature, near the river- then this would be it. This place tops any list of coworking space. It offers a beautiful view of the jungle, and is located near a river. It also has a lounge area.

Built mostly for the creative minds, this place offers new activities for the workers nearly every day. The architecture of the place is open, keeping it in touch with nature. It is a rather fun place to work in.

Lineup Hub
If you are looking for a space where people just sit around busy doing their work, seldom indulging in small talk or other social activities, then this place is for you. The coworking space has an entire floor with computers for those who do not carry their own systems, and another floor where laptop users can sit on bean bags or the comfortable floors or chairs.

This is more of a resort-like working space for people. It is located only a few hundred metres from the beach. Due to its location, it is seen to be popular with the younger crowd, more than the older. The atmosphere is quite fun and vibrant.

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