Ba Be Lake Ba Be Lake

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Time Required : 2-3 hours

Entry Fee : Tours: VND 1,113,574 - VND 12,022,054

Ba Be Lake , Ba Be National Park Overview

The highlight of Ba Be National Park, Ba Be Lake is a beautiful waterbody fed by the Nang River. While the lake formed over 200 million years ago, it is surrounded by tall limestone formations and caves formed over 450 million years ago! Translating to mean "three lakes",it is a melange of three parts- Pe Leng, Pe Lu, and Pe Lam is a charming sight to behold.

An excursion through the calm waters of the Ba Be Lake might be the best way to explore the land of this beautiful destination. Gently sprinkled with numerous islands and home to some freshwater fish, this lake is unique and has a composition like none other.
Located at an altitude of 150 metres, it is one of the highest lakes in the country and was recognised at a National Landscape Monument in 2012. You can explore this lake en route a peaceful boat ride, or go a kayaking adventure through the azure waters.

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Ba Be Lake
Ba Be Lake
Ba Be Lake

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Places to Visit

  • Located next to the lake is the An Ma Temple, which can be the first stop of your expedition through the lake.
  • The Fairy Pond located in the third section of the lake is a mesmerising natural beauty and is a must-visit as well.
  • Sitting comfortably in the middle of the lake is the Widow's Island, which has some local legends associated with itself. With its appearance shrouded in enigma, there is surely an air of mystique around this place which makes it especially attractive to tourists.

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