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Q. What will be the budget if I want to visit each and every place of Auroville? And where I can see most beautifully designed homes?

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Q. How is the theatre scene in Auroville?

Kaveesh Nair 2 years ago
The Auroville Theatre Group has been performing in the town for more than 10 years. You should check for their events if you're looking for a good show.
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Pallavi Siddhanta 2 years ago
- Try and interact more with the people, they will give you the deepest of insights into the making of this township. The locals are very friendly.
Elamanchili Rama Murthy 2 years ago
Physically speaking Savitri is the one which brought her husband (Satyavantha) back to life, winning with God of Death YAMA. But metaphorically it is spiritual practice and following the path of Yoga that makes you overcome the fear of Death, and live as Universal Consciousness. Unattached to worldly life.

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