How To Reach Athens

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How to Reach Athens

Athens being one of the most visited European destinations is well connected to all the major cities around the globe. Athens Eleftherios Venizelos International Airport situated 27 km east to the city has excellent public transit connections to the city.¾

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How to Reach Athens from India

New delhi and Mumbai has various daily flights for Athens. Qatar airways, Jet airways, Emirates, Eithad, Egypt air, Turkish airlines offer services to Athens.¾

How to reach Athens by flight

Athens airport is a major hub for East Mediterranean regions. All major airlines including Air Canada, Eithad, Gulf Air, Emirates, Qatar Airways have flights for Athens.

How to reach Athens by road

Yellow taxis are common in Athens with a minimum charge of EUR 3.10. Tipping is not necessary but round the fare up to the nearest full euro. At popular tourist destinations, taxi drivers can con you so insist on going by the meter. Taxi services like uber are also available in the city.¾

How to reach Athens by train

The rail service is quite poor in Greece compared to other European countries. In effect, Greece has only two train lines which connect Athens to other cities. Metro service, however, in Athens is very efficient end effective. It covers most of the city. The tram system connects the centre of city to southern suburbs and has connections to metro lines.

How to reach Athens by bus

The bus system in Athens has recently been upgraded to make the journey pleasant and safe. At times, there is a collaboration between bus and train services of neighbouring countries like Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia for passengers to commute.¾

How to reach Athens by Waterways

The ancient port of Pireas is still functional and also severs as an exit point for the city. It connects domestic destinations like Aegean islands except the Sporades and some smaller Cyclades and Dodecanese isles that require another connection. International destinations which connect Athens (apart from cruise ships) include Cyprus and the Middle East.

Local transport in Athens

All the prominent places in Athens are fairly connected via bus network, metro services, tram and waterways. Tourist cabs and Uber are also available easily to travel around Athens.

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