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Boating Charges & Timings : Adults : INR 500
Children : INR 100 (0-2yr) 

Timings: 6:20 AM - 2:00 PM

Beach Timings : 6:00  AM - 5:00 PM
Visiting during the daytime is the best. Make sure to come out before 5:30 PM as it begins to get really dark around 4:30 PM

Best time to visit : Avoid the rainy season. Visit either between March to May or September to February

Location : Baratang state in Port Blair

Facilities :

  • Changing rooms available for both males and females
  • Locker facilities available for a day on payment of INR 10 per day per locker
  • Tour guide
  • Paid showers available at the cost of INR 10 per head

General Trivia :

  • Awarded as the seventh-best beach in the world
  • Recognised as the best beach in Asia by Times magazine
  • Also known as Beach number 7 in Port Blair
  • The beach is a Blue Flag Certificate recipient from the United Nations Environment Programme

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"Pristine White Sand Shores"

Radhanagar Beach, Andaman Overview

Awarded with the title of 'Asia's Best Beach' by the TIMES magazine in 2004, Radhanagar Beach in Havelock Island with its turquoise blue waters and powdery white sands lives up to the moniker. Its vast shores of endless white grains stretch across 2 kilometres, making it a prime attraction of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

Food stalls and vendors can be seen on the fringes of the shore, keeping travellers refreshed with the provision of fresh and delicious seafood as well as beverages. You can also book beach beds, parasols, and umbrellas while they spend hours merely lounging at this exquisite wonderland. Radhanagar Beach Andaman is just adjacent to Elephant beach, so you may find mahouts taking out their elephants for a joyride to the tourists. The beach is also secure with patrolling lifeguards ready for rescue.

Must Know Before You Visit Radhanagar Beach

Things to Note :

  • Carry a map and torch if you opt for rented scooters.
  • Disembark from the beach before it gets dark as the street lighting is not proper on the way.
  • Children should not swim beyond the 10-metre radius
  • Always stay within the set limits of water - radius of 50 metres on both sides
  • A few small vendors and local cafes do not accept credit cards. Carry some cash with you
  • There is no lighting on the beach. Pack your own light as it can get dark suddenly at any point

Must Witness : Sunrise and sunset through the cover of palm trees. The sun usually sets around 5:30 PM. Make sure to disembark as soon as possible as it gets very dark after this hour.

Must Try : Seafood Vendors and beverage stalls dotting the coastline are a must-try. The freshwater fish is tender and seasoned to perfection. These simple treats are local delicacies that are worth giving a shot.

Radhanagar Beach Highlights

1. Scuba diving and Snorkelling

Scuba diving and Snorkelling
The clean water with well-maintained aquatic life amplifies the experience. Recently, the regulating authorities have denied access to people who cannot swim. As per the recent guidelines, it is impor (Read More)tant to have a licence or appropriate certification to undertake these water activities. Scuba diving cannot only be done at the Radha Nagar beach but also at Andaman Bubbles and Diva India. Booking your trip in advance is a good idea. It is recommended to carry our own gear. Both of these activities are done under the supervision of an expert and as per safety norms.

Approximate Cost- Starting from 3200 per head for each activity

2. Birdwatching

The pristine surroundings of the Radha Nagar beach are home to a number of twittering birds. Basking in the serenity of the area one is most likely to come across racket-tailed Drongo, Kingfisher and (Read More)Panticole.

3. Sea walking

Sea walking
For those who want to enjoy the water but don’t want to get wet, sea walking is a great idea. A novelty experience that takes one on an exhilarating ride, sea walking takes one to the lesser-kno (Read More)wn parts of the sea keeping in mind the safety parameters and radius restrictions under expert supervision. It is advised to book your sea walk in advance. Age limit - Up to 70 years.

Charges -
Starting from INR 3200 per head. Duration can vary across service providers. One must make necessary medical disclosures too.

4. Parasailing

Another enjoyable activity at Radha Nagar beach is parasailing where one is suspended between the sky and water with the help of a secured rope. Advance booking is highly recommended. Medical disclosu (Read More)res need to be made.
Charges - Starting from INR 3000 per head.

5. Swimming

Radhanagar Beach is famous for swimming amongst all age groups in the area. Clean water with a view of coconut and palm trees add to the experience of swimming in a natural place. The waters are occas (Read More)ionally visited by crocodiles. However, the authorities keep a close watch on this probability. The children are not supposed to be left unattended while swimming and must remain within the given radius restrictions. However, the weather must be checked beforehand.

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Stays at the Beach

You can find a number of resorts guest house and hotels on Radhanagar Beach - From expensive 5-star hotels to economic stays. Some of the most popular resorts at the destination include Taj Exotica Resort and Spa, Silver Sand Beach Resorts, and Barefoot Resort.

How To Reach Radhanagar Beach

Reach Port Blair by landing at Veer Savarkar International airport and then make way to the Havelock Island Jetty.  Radha Nagar beach is 10 km from Havelock jetty. The time taken will depend on the mode of transportation chosen. 
  • Hire an Auto-rickshaw - three-wheelers flock near the jetty and can take you to Radhanagar beach within 15 minutes
Cost: Auto rickshaw charges vary. Don’t forget to bargain.

  • Two-wheelers available at the jetty – This is the best option for the bachelors or small families as it is very economical.
Cost - INR 500 per day (excluding fuel).

  • Hired cabs - This is the most popular way to reach the beach from the jetty as it is comfortable. It takes around 18 minutes to reach when there is less traffic.
Cost - A hired AC - INR 1500 per day and INR 1200 for a non AC cab. This cost is for a round trip. It is suggested not to book online as it comes out to be very costly

  • Shared jeeps for a round trip from the jetty to Radhanagar beach. One can find a bunch easily available outside the jetty. These are faster than local buses too!
Cost - INR 50 per person for a round trip.

  • Local buses - starting from the jetty, one can either opt for a government-owned AC bus or a non-AC bus. 
The first bus from the jetty starts at 6:20 AM and reaches its destination around 7:15 AM. After this, every hour a bus leaves for Radha Nagar beach. The last bus departs at 5:15 PM
Government AC buses -INR 45 per head
Government non-AC bus - INR 30 per head

  • Helicopter service - pre-booking required from a travel agency. The point of embarking is shared by the travel guide.
  • Luxury catamaran - Depends hugely on the weather and availability. Pre Booking is highly suggested.
Cost - Helicopter services and luxury catamarans are the most expensive of the available commute options. Cost can vary across different service providers.

Sometimes an advance booking for a trip to Radha Nagar can be really costly. The better option is to reach the destination and bargain to suit your convenience and budget.

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Archana Tanwar

on Radhanagar Beach 6 years ago
One of the best beaches to enjoy your vacation. Although water sports is not available here, bt amazing views, clarity of water, bouncing waves n a beautiful sunset view make it up to dat

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