How To Reach Abbott Mount

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How to Reach Abbott Mount

The most practical way to reach Abbott Mount by flight is via Chandigarh. It isn't too far from Tanakpur Railway Station and can be accessed by bus as well. Driving or riding to Abbott Mount is a joy on well-maintained roads.

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How to reach Abbott Mount by flight

The closest airport to Abbott Mount is the Pantnagar Airport, 180 km away. Small carrier flights from Delhi and Dehradun land at Pantnagar Airport. The Dehradun Airport is not much further away but has more connections to other airports.

Nearest Airport: Dehradun - 221 kms from Abbott Mount

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How to reach Abbott Mount by road

Abbott Mount is located nearly 437 kms from Delhi. Driving or riding to Abbott Mount is not problematic as the connecting roads are rather well-maintained.

How to reach Abbott Mount by train

Kathgodam (163 kms) and Tanakpur (80 kms) are the nearest railway stations to Abbott Mount. Both stations are well-connected via the Indian rail network to major cities in India. Buses and taxis are readily available outside the railway stations to Abbott Mount.

How to reach Abbott Mount by bus

Abbott Mount is a rather remote area, which is connected to the neighbouring cities and states via a network of well-maintained roads. Private or state owned buses are readily available till Lohaghat, after which you will have to take a shared or private taxi to reach Abbott Mount.

Local transport in Abbott Mount

Abbott Mount is a small place where you will be trekking or hiking most of the time. The remaining distance can be covered via taxis that are easily available there. Make sure you plan your trip keeping the weather forecast for Abbott Mount in mind. Avoid travelling during the monsoon as this place is prone to landslides.

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