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Vanasur Ka Kila, Abbott Mount Overview

The only structure in the area said to have been constructed in the medieval time, Banasur ka Kila is about 20 km from Champawat, and about 7 km from Lohaghat. What is interesting about this place, and similar to the Gwal Devta Temple is, that this is a place you visit for its legacy than for its actual physical presence. Vanasur ka Kila is a must-do for lovers of mythology. It is believed to be the capital of demon Vanasur who faced his defeat at the hands of Lord Krishna.

Banasur ka Kila was constructed in the memory of Banasur, the eldest son of the mythologically famous King Bali because he was assassinated here by Lord Krishna when Banasur had tried to kill Krishna's grandson Aniruddha. To reach the fort, you must journey to Lohaghat, about 5 km from Champawat and from Champawat to Karnakarayat which is about 6 km from Lohaghat, and then it's a kilometre long walk to Banasur ka Kila, best taken with a generous dose of tales from the inhabitants.  

The qila or fort is indeed an ironically constructed relic, which is based on the name of a boon-bestowed Banasur, the man with the thousand arms; whereas the fort gives an air of disintegration and dilapidation. The Lohawati River also originates from this site and is located alongside the Bhowali Road. In fact, this fort is the perfect spot to watch the origins of the Lohaghati River and to revel in the beauty of nature as well as man's creations. 

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Vanasur Ka Kila
Vanasur Ka Kila

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Legend of Banasur Ka Kila

According to famous legends, the Banasur ka Qila is named after the demon Banasura who was killed at this spot. Banasura was the eldest son of Bali and was a mighty ruler. He was also an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva, and pleased by his devotion; Lord Shiva finally appeared in front of him and blessed him with a thousand arms.

Once Banasura was blessed with this boon, he started misusing his powers greatly, and created havoc on earth as well as in heaven. He even challenged Lord Shiva to name him the person who could beat him. Lord Shiva, in answer, gave Banasura a flag to hoist and declared that Banasura's contender would arrive the day the post of the flag breaks down.

Meanwhile, Banasura's daughter Usha, who was of marriageable age, saw the man of her dreams and confessed her desire to be married to him to her friend Chitralekha. Chitralekha, blessed with certain supernatural powers, saw that the man that her friend desired was Anirudha, Lord Krishna's grandson and the prince of Dwarka. Chitralekha abducted the prince from his sleep and brought him to Usha. The young couple then met and fell in love and stayed together happily for a few months.

One day, Banasura noticed the broken flag post and asked his soldiers to find any stranger who was living in his kingdom. This was when the truth about Usha and Anirudha came into the limelight, and Banasura stormed into his daughter's palace in a great rage. Angered, Anirudha confronted Banasura with a stone pillar in his hand, and a fierce battle ensued. The battle ended with Banasura imprisoning Anirudha. When Lord Krishna, Balarama and the others came to know about this, Lord Krishna fought with the evil Banasura and annihilated him. It was believed that Banasura was slain at the same spot where the fort is constructed, and thus the fort is named after him.

Things To Do at Banasur Ka Kila

There are no commercial activities at the Banasur ka Qila. The only thing that you can do here is to enjoy the views of the mountain peaks and the river. Sunsets, when viewed from the top of this fort, appear to be especially beautiful, and hence it is a good idea to visit the fort in the evening.

Best Time To Visit Vanasur Ka Kila

The best time to visit the famous Banasur ka Qila is in the winter months of October, November and December, as the weather is the most pleasant at this time.

Tips For Visiting Vanasur Ka Kila

1. The fort is reached after a trek of about 2 kilometres, so ensure that you carry drinking water along.
2. Make sure that you are wearing the proper footwear.
3. Bear in mind that the trek may be a little difficult for senior citizens.

How To Reach Vanasur Ka Kila

The Vanasur ka Qila is located 7 kilometres away from Champawat, the last two kilometres of which is an uphill trek.

To reach the fort, you must first journey to Lohaghat, about 5 kilometres from Champawat, and then from Champawat to Karnakarayat, which is about 6 kilometres from Lohaghat. From here, it is a kilometre long walk to Banasur ka Kila.

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