Sunset in Puerto Rico: The Top Spots to See the Sunset

Experiencing the sunset in Puerto Rico always gives one a wonderful feeling. One gets to witness the blazing star become a ball of orange and red and move to the other part of the world to light it up into a new day. When in Puerto Rico, there are a few places where you can witness the magic of sunset and we have listed them out for you. The island is full of fabulous places to watch the sunset from and we have curated a list of our favourite places to see the sunset in Puerto Rico.

Best Places to Catch the Sunset in Puerto Rico:

1. Caba Rojo

Caba Rojo is a town located on the coastal side of Puerto Rico where travellers can witness the most beautiful sunset in Puerto Rico. Since it is a beach town, you have a lot of beach options to choose from where you want to experience your sunset from. Another place to watch the sunset is from the historic Los Morrillos lighthouse. The lighthouse has a stunning backdrop with the beach, water, limestone cliffs which will make the sunset even more memorable. 

2. Steps Beach, Rincon

Watching a sunset in Puerto Rico from a beach is always a wonderful experience. This charming beach in Rincon is quite serene during the evenings. With a typical tropical setting of coconut trees and white sand, you can walk along the beach or just sit idly watching the beautiful sunset before calling it a day. 

3. Raíces Fountain, Old San Juan

The Raíces Fountain is not only a popular spot in Old Juan, it is also one of the most romantic spots on the island. Apart from the iconic fountain statue, you can also experience the spectacular view of the bay which is even more beautiful as the sun sets. Walking along the beautiful promenade of El Paseo de la Princesa hand in hand with your partner during sunset with the sun casting shadows all around the place might just be one of the best romantic experiences you would like to remember. 

4. Castillo San Cristobal

One of the historic locations in Puerto Rico, Castillo San Cristobal is a fort that was built by the Spanish in the 1700s to protect the city from foreign invasions. There is a single sentry box which is a popular location for clicking pictures. Sunsets here are quite beautiful and breathtaking given the surroundings with the evening rays of the sun reflecting back off the structure. Since it is located near the San Juan bay, visitors can also watch the ships sailing around and docking in the port in the evenings.

5. Puerta de San Juan

Yet another historic location in San Juan, this gate posed as the way into the city during the olden times. Travellers can take a walk through the walkway while experiencing the gentle evening sun. The views of the San Juan Bay from this spot is truly spectacular and not to mention the sun's setting evening light can act as an amazing filter for you to take insta-worthy pictures. 

6. Flamenco Beach, Culebra

One of the most beautiful beaches to catch the sunset in Puerto Rico, Flamenco beach is a secluded yet wonderful beach one should experience wonderful sunsets. The beach has white and smooth sand, clear water and a wonderful backdrop with mountains and trees. The sunset time is the most beautiful time here with many people arriving to watch the spectacle. 

7. Laguna del Condado

Laguna del Condado is a beautiful water lagoon located in San Juan. It is a popular attraction for people who love indulging in adventurous water activities. If you are staying in San Juan, renting a place facing the lagoon would be a wonderful choice as you get to enjoy the sunsets from your own place. There are also a lot of roof top restaurants from where you can enjoy the same. The most ideal way to enjoy the sunset here is by paddle boarding or kayaking during dusk.

8. Sunset Cruises

Sunset cruise is a thing in Puerto Rico where you get to choose your own cruise and the places you want to cruise. The most beautiful thing about these sunset cruises is that you can personalize it in the way you have planned. Be it just a family cruise, marriage proposal, romantic getaway, or a fun cruise with your friends, you can do it all. There are a lot of premium sunset cruises functioning in Puerto Rico with some of them being Sail Old San Juan, Old San Juan Harbor Sails, East Land Excursions and Salty Dog Catamarans among others.

We hope this article about the sunset in Puerto Rico was helpful to you. Do let us know in the comments section below about your favourite spot to experience the sunset in Puerto Rico.

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