Skydiving in Puerto Rico; A Quick Guide

With spectacular scenery filled with mountainous and hilly terrain, stunning beaches and many other intriguing features, Puerto Rico is perhaps the most sought after tourist destination in the Caribbean. Puerto Rico is also capable of giving thrill seekers their fill through presenting some fantastic options to try skydiving. Here’s a look into the amazing spots for skydiving in Puerto Rico:

The Amazing Choices for Skydiving in Puerto Rico

1) Skydive Puerto Rico

Skydiving in Puerto Rico
  • Located in Arecibo, Skydive Puerto Rico offers an exhilarating experience to all the adrenaline junkies who want to try skydiving in Puerto Rico. A safe and convenient option for those who seek the adventure of a free fall skydive, their tandem jump creates the opportunity to jump from the fastest skydiving aircraft in the world which goes up to a height of fourteen thousand feet. The tandem jump lets one enjoy the breathtaking views of Puerto Rico’s mountain ranges while freefalling at a speed of one hundred and twenty meters per hour.

  • Before jumping, the guests will go through quick sessions of training and safety briefing given by the instructor. This helps to know how the equipment works and the order of events during the jump.  The guest and the instructor will be wearing a harness that keeps them attached while the jump takes place.

  • After the freefall that lasts for one minute and a few seconds, a dual size parachute will be released by the instructor. The peaceful descent continues for almost seven minutes and ends with a safe and comfortable landing. There is also another tandem jump at Skydive Puerto Rico with a freefall close to forty seconds.

  • For those who are on the lookout for an even greater adventure of skydiving in Puerto Rico, Skydive Puerto Rico offers the accelerated freefall. While two instructors free fall along for forty five seconds from a height of ten thousand five hundred feet, the diver has to independently maneuver the parachute. Completing the accelerated freefall training program will qualify the diver to jump without an instructor.

  • Since Skydive Puerto Rico provides hand cam and external camera options, the memories of the jump can be eternalized as still photographs and videos.

Location: Aeropuerto Regional Antonio Juarbe, Arecibo 00612, Puerto Rico
Timings: Mon – Fri 8.00am – 5.00pm, Sat & Sun 7.00am – 6.00pm
Cost: Tandem jump $225 - $350, Video/Stills $90 - $120, AFF program $1700 - $3292

2) Xtreme Divers

Skydiving in Puerto Rico
  • Xtreme Divers is the only diving operator with two separate locations for skydiving in Puerto Rico. With amazing views of the mountainous scenery, drop zones in both Arecibo and Humacao are close to the beach. The diver jumps out of a Cessna aircraft after it flies up to a height of ten thousand five hundred feet.

  • The diver can enjoy free falling at a speed of one hundred and twenty miles per hour and views of the green mountains, the blue sea and the sandy beaches. On weekdays, tandem skydiving is offered at Xtreme Divers for those who call and book an appointment. In case there is a need to postpone the appointment to a later date, one can use the one-time rescheduling feature.
  • To try tandem skydiving on weekends, arrive early to the spot since they follow a ‘first come, first served’ policy. Prior appointments and deposits are also enough to try it during weekends. Apart from tandem skydiving, Xtreme Divers provides the Accelerate Free Fall Course of eight levels for those who want to become a skydiver.
Location: Aeropuerto Antonio “Nery” Juarbe, Arecibo, Puerto Rico & Humucao Airport, Carr. 923, 00791, PuertoRico
Timings: 8.00am – 5.00pm
Deposit $50
Tandem without video $235 – $245
Tandem with video $330 – $345     
Did we miss to mention anything about the amazing spots for skydiving in Puerto Rico? Tell us in the comments.

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