Best Spots to go Hiking in Puerto Rico: A Complete Guide

Hiking in Puerto Rico is one of the best activities to relax yourself while also experiencing the natural beauties of the country. Hiking in Puerto Rico might also well be the best way to enjoy the versatile natural abundance the country has been blessed with. Puerto Rico has a wide range of trails that might suit each and every one and here we have listed some of the popular trails of the country.

Here Are the Top 7 Places to Go Hiking in Puerto Rico

1. El Yunkue National Forest

El Yunkue National Forest
The El Yunkue national Forest is home to some of the best trails for hiking in Puerto Rico. Some of the famous trails here include Mt. Britton trail (1.3 km), La Mina trail (1.2 km), La Coca trail (2.9 km – one way) and El Toro Wilderness trail (7.8 km) among others. Some are quite easy that last around just 40 minutes while some are quite challenging that require a lot of effort from the hikers for about 2 hours. El Yunkue National Forest offers you some of the spectacular bio diversity of Puerto Rico and rest assured you will have some of the best hiking memories from El Yunkue.

2. Canon San Cristobal Canyon

One of the top 10 natural wonders of Puerto Rico, Canon San Cristobal canyon has a 2.7 km trail that is moderately challenging. The trail passes through the lustrous rain forests of Puerto Rico. The trail allows you to experience a blue hole, a couple of waterfalls around the area. The trail is quite secluded and if you would like to hike alone away from all the commotion that people make, this one is for you! It is possible that you can hike by your own but hiking with a touring agency would be preferred as they will be able to guide you properly and make sure that you cover all the important points of the trail. 

3.  Guanica Dry Forest

Guanica Dry Forest
Hiking in Puerto Rico through Guanica’s dry forest reserve is probably one of the best hiking expeditions you could take on your visit to Puerto Rico. Contrasting to the wet rain forests of El Yunkue, Guanica is a dry forest that yet again puts you in awe by presenting its 1000 acre wonder nature’s diversity. Recognized by the UN as an international biosphere reserve, visiting Guanica guarantees beautiful beaches, variety of birds to look at and views that are to die for. Trail difficulty ranges from easy to hard and some of them include Meseta trail (10.8 km), Fuerte trail (10.1 km), Ballena trail (3.9 km), Cueva trail (1.6 km) and a lot more. A guide here is highly recommended so that you don’t miss out on the best scenes of Guanica. 

4. Arbol Solitario

A hike up the Arbol Solitario also known as the Lonely Tree is a must do when visiting Puerto Rico if you love hill tops, spectacular views and everything flora. At about 2000 feet above the sea level, Arbol Solitario is a magnificent place to absorb the beauty of the area – mountains, towns, sea and what not. It must be mentioned that the effort it takes to reach the top is not an easy one as the trail can be steep, not maintained and void of ropes, rails and clear pathways. 

5. La Zanja Trail

Representative image of La Zanja Trail
Located in the eastern region of Puerto Rico, La Zanja trail is a trail that you must definitely undertake if you love the beaches. Though not a hard cut trail, La Zanja is a sight to behold and getting there requires a bit of effort. You have to hike through the pathways to reach the beach and the mangroves and once there, it is almost impossible to peel your eyes off the vast expanse of the scenic views in front of you. You can also take a dip in the water if the water is calm enough for a quick swim.

6. Guajataca Forests

The Guajataca state forest is a slightly smaller forest compared to its peers but an incredible one nonetheless. Seated around 500 – 1000 meter above the sea level, this forest has trails that are about 40 kms long and two of the most common trails are Trail #1 that leads up to Cueva del Viento which is a magnificent limestone cave which has flora and fauna that might stir up your curiosity. The other trail is the interpretative trail which is about 3.2 km long that is easy to hike in where you experience the various birds and butterflies of the area. There are a number of other trails that you can take up there which will be worthwhile because the forest reserve is maintained well by and one can peacefully become one with nature. 

7. Cabo Rojo National Wildlife Refuge

Cabo Rojo
Cabo Rojo like Guanica and El Yunkue has its share of trails that makes it yet another choicest destination for hiking. Mostly comprising of sub-tropical dry forests, it is a popular bird watching site where you can spot exotic birds of varied species (do start early in the day if you intend on watching birds). There is also a variety of flora that is not usually spotted that is native to the region. One of the most famous trails here is the Lighthouse trail (2.4 km) which leads to a quaint lighthouse with a surrounding landscape that is straight out of a postcard. Sunset from this place is a worthy moment to experience, and we highly recommend you to do so.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Do let us know in the comments section below if you have visited any of these trails while hiking in Puerto Rico or planning to visit any of them.

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