Souvenirs in Puerto Rico: What to Take Back Home From Puerto Rico!

Puerto Rico is a unique country that has a lot of interesting souvenirs to take back home for yourself or your loved ones. Be it coffee, candies, art or hammocks it has it all. But you have to be wary of the fact that most of these products are mass-produced and can be defective in nature so you have to be careful of what you are choosing. We have curated a list of the best souvenirs in Puerto Rico for you to take home for yourself or your loved ones!

Here Are Our Favourites Souvenirs in Puerto Rico

1. Puerto Rican Coffee

Puerto Rican coffee is one of a kind that is quite famous around the world and always makes for great souvenirs in Puerto Rico. If you are a person who loves coffee or knows someone who is fond of coffee, this would be one of the best souvenirs you can take back home from the island. Some of the popular brands of coffee here include Di Laris Kosher, Yaucono, El Coqui and Alto Grande among others which are quite easily found in the local supermarkets of the island.

2. Hammock

A hammock is a swinging couch made of rope mesh that will be tied to two ends and can be used to chill in. Hammocks are one of the most prominent cultural icons in Puerto Rico and you can also see some of the hammocks in the form of the Puerto Rico flag as well. You can spot hammocks all around the island be it on the street side or in the artisan or craft shops around the island. Hammocks come in a lot of varieties like the Naval, Mexican, Mayan, Venezuelan, Indian or Jungle options so you will probably be spoilt for options.

3. Musical Instruments

Puerto Rico has a lot of native music instruments that prove to be a treat to the ears and is among the favourite souvenirs in Puerto Rico. Guiro is one such instrument that is the primary instrument in the local Puerto Rican folk music. Another one such instrument is the Pandereta which is a handheld instrument that is mostly used by the farmers in the southern area of the island. Maracas are yet another instrument that resembles rattles that are used in traditional Puerto Rican Parrandas. Palitos are one of the basic instruments used there which are mostly enjoyed by kids.

4. Handmade Crafts

Traditional and modern handiworks add to the beautiful and lovely shopping scene in the local shops of Puerto Rico. You can take a beautiful piece of Puerto Rico home through these crafts in the form of a hammock, traditional masks, jewellery or pieces of artwork. Many of these artisan shops also sell beautiful home décor in the form of ceramics, paintings, sculptures and wall hangings. Instead of buying from supermarkets and malls, it is encouraged to buy from local makers to support them.

5. Traditional Candies

Traditional candies are one of the most common souvenirs in Puerto Rico that visitors love to take home. Candies here are made from coconut, pineapple, guava, papaya and sweet potato among others that will make your mouth water. You can find a lot of shops selling the same in old San Juan. Some of the most famous candies here are Dulces Tipicos, pilones, pastas de frutas, ajonjoli that can be found in any artisan fair. They can also be found in supermarkets on the island.

6. Puerto Rican Rum

Did you know that Puerto Rico is known as the rum capital of the world? Standing out uniquely with a taste of its own, Puerto Rico’s rum is one of the main exports of the country and about 80% of the rum in the US is from Puerto Rico. Don Q, Palo Viejo, Ron Llave and Ron del Barilito are some of the famous brands of rum on the island. Also, Bacardi has its own distillery in Puerto Rico which you can visit and make purchases.

7. Butterfly Art

This beautiful store called “The Butterfly People @ Puerto Rican Art and Crafts” has a collection of butterflies that has been preserved over the years in plexiglass containers. They have exotic collections of butterflies from the tropics and these beauties catch your eyes no matter where they are. You can take it home as a memory from Puerto Rico or gift it to a loved one.

8. Cigars

Did you know that Puerto Rico used to be one of the world’s largest tobacco exporters in the world producing around 35 million tons a year? Though it has decreased now, Puerto Rico still produces some of the best cigars and that is why you should take them home if you love the same. The island has a variety of cigars but the most popular one is Don Collins and is enjoyed by people who love to smoke.

9. Pique Hot Sauce

A common household ingredient in Puerto Rico, pique is a hot sauce that has a number of variations all around the country. It is made from hot peppers, vinegar, seasoning and fresh herbs. Add it to your food and see it transform from simple to delicious oh so easily. Since it is a common ingredient, you can find it in any of the supermarkets or stores on the island.

10. Mundillo

Mundillo is a form of hand art native to Puerto Rico that is made with bobbin lace. The name Mundillo means “Little World”. Usually, a Mundillo is used to stitch the ends and borders of table cloths, handkerchiefs, shirt collars, etc. but it is also used in the making of clothing like wedding dresses and infant clothing among others. There is also a museum in Puerto Rico dedicated to Mundillo in the town of Moca where Mundillo festivals are hosted.

We hope this article was helpful to you. Do let us know of your favourite souvenirs that you got from Puerto Rico and of your favourite shopping experience from the island!

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