How To Look Like A Million Bucks While You Travel !

Pro Travellers Pack Smart: Don’t compromise on style or functionality ! 

Got big travel plans coming up? Well, congratulations! You’ve clearly got your priorities sorted. But now that you’ve made the plans, booked the tickets and created the itinerary, everyday, as your day of take off inches closer, so does time to pack! Love it, or hate it, holiday packing can be tricky for sure. You want to strike the perfect balance of comfort, good looks and functionality- only trouble is, most outfits are almost always mutually exclusive of the others.

But don’t panic yet. If you got past budgeting and peak season price hikes, this too shall pass. Assuming Summer and Winter are the two major global seasons (the third- a rainy weather only demands that you carry an umbrella, a raincoat, don’t wear white, or generally hide indoors) here’s a list of suitcase essentials you must never forget to carry, and how to procure them-

1. Trench Coat – There are few things in this world more multipurpose than an overcoat !

Trench Coat : Fashion Essentials To Pack While Travelling

Trench Coat = Life Sorted

Or a full length coat, made of the material of your choosing and depending on exact weather conditions. This one is an obvious essential for winters, but also serves a purpose in other seasons. Wear it at the airport if you’re cold, or use it as a quick cover-up if you’re in a more conservative city/country. Choose smooth leather for the winter and breezy cotton for the summer.
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2. Short Shorts – Read : Bare Essentials !

Shorts - Fashion Essentials to Pack While Travelling

The Dress Code For Everything

A no-brainer for beach holidays, again you’ll get use from this elsewhere too. Pair them with a fancy top and wear them to a club, lounge around your hotel or airbnb apartment in them, use them as jogging or activity shorts, they have value all around. You can even wear them in temperature controlled rooms in the winter, if for nothing else, then to layer up!
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3. Maxi Dress –  The end of the Style Vs Comfort Debate !

Maxi Dress - Fashion Essentials to Pack While Travelling

A holiday must have !

Recently, a token of our mom’s times, maxi dresses became so out they got in! Whether you like them fitted or flowy, floral or solid, these floor length dresses are ideal for looking comfortably good on holidays. Depending on the weather you can layer up or down easily with them, and rest assured, they look great in pictures! Best of all, you can get them at prices as affordable or steep as you like.
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As to the matter of where to get these items if buying is out of budget or its too late to buy, there’s always the good old beg, borrow, steal. But if you reckon you can be smarter than that, here’s our secret holiday weapon: Rent!
Fashion rental services like Flyrobe will let you rent international brands for a fraction of the MRP. Best of all, your order will reach you in 3 hours, so for all those unplanned ones, you can literally have your clothes delivered and run to the airport in time for security check! They also have a really cool Android app that you can download here.
That’s it for today, folks! We hope to see you again soon, hopefully from yet another interesting corner of the world! Ciao for now!



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