Beer In San Francisco - 7 Best Brews You MUST Try When in SF

The Bay Area has a number of local breweries that serve the best Beer In San Francisco. These are most enjoyed by locals in the Bay area. They have vibrant colors and unique flavors and are a must-try if you happen to visit San Francisco. Let's take a look at them.

1. Liberty Ale

Liberty Ale
Liberty Ale is an original Francisco beer and an original craft-brewed ale that started a revolution. The brewing of this beer happened for the very first time to celebrate the bicentennial of Paul Revere’s historic ride. Liberty Ale is also the first modern American IPA to be brewed after the prohibition in the whole city. It is also the first modern American single-hop ale and dry-hopped ale. Upon opening a bottle of the Liberty Ale, one can see champagne-like bubbles that cover the top of the beer. Its taste is known to revive the century-old brewing traditions that are still relevant. This traditional craft beer uses all the natural products such as fresh whole-cone Cascade hops, water, pale malted barley and a unique and special top-fermenting yeast. Each of these has a different role to play in the overall texture and flavor in the Liberty Ale. For example, the yeast that is used during fermentation creates subtle flavors and enhances other characteristics of the Ale. The adding of the fresh hops to the Ale creates the unique aroma. There is also a process called bunging that creates gentle carbonation in the beer. Liberty Ale is sure to tickle the taste buds with its simplicity and great taste. 

2. Pale Ale 

Pale Ale
Pale Ale is a sort of ale and a top-fermented Beer In San Francisco that is predominantly made with pale malt. Since the quantity of pale malt in the Ale is high, the color is light. It also has the flavor of freshly picked hops. It is brewed using pale malt and ale yeast, therefore making it full of flavor. It also carries within it the aroma of pine and citrus. The soft taste of caramel makes its flavor even more unique. The caramel with the roasted malt is the foundation of this beer. Not too strong, it is suitable for first-time drinkers.

3. Berliner Weisse

Berliner Weisse
Berliner Weisse is commonly available at local bars in San Francisco. It is cloudy in texture and sour in flavor, with around 3% alcohol in it. Berliner is a variation of the Wheat Beer style that originated in Northern Germany. It is made by combining malted barley and wheat. The malt is kilned under very low temperatures to minimise the color formation. Yeast and lactic acid bacteria are combined to carry out the fermentation process that ultimately creates the lactic acid taste. This taste is the distinguishing feature of the Berliner Weisse. Till the late 19th century, there were over 50 breweries that were producing Berliner, making it one of the most popular drinks in San Francisco. It continues to be a preferred kind of beer, even though the number of breweries has reduced.

4. Hub Cascadia Secession Dark Ale 

Dark Ale
Hub Cascadia Secession Dark Ale is one of the most unique Beer In San Francisco sold in a few stores in the city. It includes black malts, Magnum, Amarillo, Cascade, Falconer’s Flight and Mt. Hood hops. The roasted dark malts are the main flavouring agent of the Ale. This beer is organic and has a unique blend of all fresh and local ingredients, giving it a slight tint of freshness.

5. Kalifornia Kolsch

Kalifornia Kolsch
Kalifornia Kolsch is a rick golden brew created by the Magnolia Brewery. It consists of German hops as well as a combination of Munich and American malts. The overall taste is smooth and bright with a hint of fruit. The fruity flavors include that of peach and Anjou Pear. The malt is slightly honeyed and juicy. The predominant flavor is that of grassy hop. There is also wheat in this beer that adds a slight tartness to the beer. It also goes very well with the cracking malt. It is worth stalking in the refrigerator. 

6. Anchor Steam Beer

Anchor Steam
Anchor Steam Beer In San Francisco comes in a deep amber color and a rich, creamy and distinctive flavor. Its brewing happens using the historic brewing processes. Anchor Steam offers the taste of the combination of pale and caramel malts. The fermentation done using yeast happens at very high temperatures in shallow and open-air fermenters. Another process called krausening is used to carbonate the drink. It creates gentle steam when shaken and opened in a slightly warm atmosphere. The steam is what gives it its name and unique flavor.

7. North Coast Old Rasputin 

North Coast Old Rasputin
North Coast Old Rasputin Beer is jet black color with half an inch of toffee flavoured and dark colored foam. The smell is strong and the flavor has bitterness like that of strong coffee, As the taste escalates the nose, it turns into a combination of bitter and sweet. The middle of the Rasputin is highly carbonated and tastes like syrup on the tongue. The roasted malts can be tasted till the last sip and one can actually chew the after taste on the tongue, making it different from every other kind of beer.

San Francisco is full of unique combinations of flavors, distinctive tastes. There is a Beer In San Francisco for everyone from beginners to experienced drinkers. These are worth a shot for those who are interested in trying the beer. They are sure to impress the pallete.

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