Getting Around Laos

Getting Around in Laos

Intercity transport in Laos is average with limited options at disposal. Air travel is available but it is quite expensive. Other than that one opt for taxi, three-wheeled motorcycles, pedicabs, hire motorbikes, cycles or travel by river. Bus service is there but is not feasible as they are few in number and not available for long-distance travel.

Getting Around Laos By Air

Lao Airlines serves as the domestic air service from Vientiane to Luang Prabang, Xieng Khouang, Huay Xai and Oudomxai in the north, Pakse and Savannakhet in the south. The airlines base is Wattay Airport with each flight taking around an hour for every route.

Getting Around Laos By Road

Tul-tuk, a a lightweight three-wheeled vehicle is the most common mode of transportation in the country. The organization in Vientiane was introduced to control the fares tourists pay between destinations but make sure to negotiate the price and fix it before starting the journey. A songthaew, which is a pick-up truck with a roof and open sides and two benches, functions as both local buses and taxis. Renting a car is another option to travel by road but fire one only if you are an experienced driver as driving standards follows hardly any rules. Cycling is a growing industry and the country offers plenty of quiet roads for the activity.

Getting Around Laos By Water

The most common and convenient way to travel around the country is via river- ferries, river taxis and 'boats for hireê. Mekong, the Nam Ou, the Nam Khan, the Se Don, the Nam Tha and the Nam Ngum are the main rivers for the transportation. Although the roads conditions in Laos have improved gradually over the years, yet the Mekong and all other rivers play a vital role in country's transport system.

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