How To Reach Mexico

Reaching Mexico by Air

Flying to Mexico is the best mode of getting into the country. All major cities have an airport that is connected via daily flights from USA and Canada. Most of the European capital cities have direct flights to Mexico city, however to visit to any other city, you will have to come via the United States. Similarly, travellers from Asia reach Mexico by flights via USA. The main air carriers of the country include Aeromexico, Mexicana, United, Continental and Delta. Mexico City is the hub of air travel with maximum number of connections. The secondary points of entry to the country are via Cancun, Puerto Vallarta, Monterrey and Guadalajara.

Reaching Mexico by Bus

Mexico has an efficient bus network throughout the country and there are numerous options of getting in by bus from major cities in USA. Some of the most reputed bus services include Omnibus Mexicanos, Turimex Internacional, TUFESA Buslines and El Expresso. Greyhound, a renowned US bus service provides tickets a large number of Mexican cities and offers the best round trip deals to Mexico. Mexico is also connected to the neighbouring countries of Guatemala and Belize via Tapachula and Chetumal respectively.

Reaching Mexico by Rail

There are not much options when it comes to reaching Mexico by train, but travellers can take a trolley from downtown San Diego in USA to the Baja California-California border. US passenger service Amtrak connects El Paso at the border to the cites of New Orleans, Houston, Tucson and LA.

Reaching Mexico by Road

Travelling to Mexico by car is not a feasible options as it requires an excessive amount of paper work and travellers have to go suffer a long delay due to multiple checks through the border and inside the country.

Reaching Mexico by Water

Cruise ship can be taken from USA to the Pacific coast in Mexico, the ones from LA to Acapulco are very popular.

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