Places To Visit in Indonesia

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Here are the top 46 tourist places and attractions in Indonesia

Here are the best places to visit in Indonesia to explore the beaches, culture and historic tourist destinations. Read more to plan your travel to Indonesia.

42. Karimunjawa Islands

42 out of 46 Places To Visit in Indonesia

An archipelago that consists of 27 islands that form a marine park, of which only 5 are inhabited by people, the Karimunjawa Islands are the archetypal castaway island paradise. A burgeoning tourism industry is beginning to take hold of these islands fringed by pearly white sandy beaches, and is qui...

43. Wakatobi Islands

43 out of 46 Places To Visit in Indonesia

An island group that consists of 4 islands that are situated to the southeast of Sulawesi, Wakatobi is fast gaining a reputation for being amongst the world’s premier destinations for diving and snorkelling. Its pristine beaches, unspoilt marine ecosystem that contains the second largest coral reef ...

44. Tanjung Aan Beach

44 out of 46 Places To Visit in Indonesia

A rugged trail road leading from Kuta (not to be confused with Kuta, Bali) in Lombok leads to one of the beaches in Lombok that is still fairly off the beaten tourist trail. The beach’s iconic swings dot the sandy white coastline and is a favourite amongst surfers and beach bums. The turquoise water...

45. Plengkung Beach

45 out of 46 Places To Visit in Indonesia

Known the world over as G-Land, Plengkung beach is revered by surfers for its incredible waves that regularly swell to over 7m. Plengkung Beach's surf is meant for experienced surfers looking for the next big wave that they're looking for and it is a common sight to see surfers and their boards skim...

46. Pulau Biak

46 out of 46 Places To Visit in Indonesia

Located in the Cenderawasih Bay in the Papua province, Pulau Biak or Biak Island is home to many corals, atolls and reefs. The largest island in the Biak-Numfor archipelago, it is a haven for diving and snorkelling enthusiasts. With a tropical climate throughout the year, the water temperature is ex...

FAQs on Indonesia

What is the currency of Indonesia?

Indonesia is still very much a cash-based society, and credit cards are still not accepted in many places. In regional and remote areas, the most common bank is BRI. In regional and remote areas, the most common bank is BRI. In Bali, USD is acceptable in many places but the exchange rate may be higher or lower than those of the banks.

What is the currency Exchange in Indonesia?

There are several money exchange shops right in the Indonesian airport, and in all the tourist areas on the island. This makes changing money very convenient. The safest place to exchange currency in Bali is the local bank. You are less likely to be ripped off when you exchange currency at a local bank. To minimize the Foreign Exchange Transaction fee, make sure to withdraw cash from your bank’s ATM, or an ATM that has international services. Ask your hotel’s front desk if they allow currency exchanges. If you get your currency exhanged at money changing shops, then make sure that the shop is an authorized one.

What is unique about culture of Indonesia?

There is no one unified Indonesian culture as such, but the Hindu culture of the former Majapahit empire does provide a framework for many of the cultural traditions found across the central islands of Sumatra, Java, Bali and Lombok.Modern-day Indonesian popular culture is largely dominated by the largest ethnic group, the Javanese. Islam, however is the largest biggest followed in Indonesia, with a population of 80% of its people being Muslim.
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