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Victoria Tourism

Victoria is one of the biggest attractions of Canada, for its mild climate, natural beauty and history, which is accessible throughout the year. Picturesquely present in the craggy regions of Canada, Victoria is the best place for the ones in search of history, relaxation, and beautiful scenery.

Induitably known as one of the most ¥British cities in North America, Victoria maintains many of its historical inheritances from the British. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Vancouver, at any time of the year. Filled with museums, parks, nature trails accompanied by its mild climate, Victoria is one of the best places for any photographer or history enthusiast, Simultaneously, it has its fill of clubs, bars, and little themed restaurants that can catch the fancy of any tourist. Established in 1843, Victorias British roots are apparent in the double-decker buses, formal gardens and tearooms. The city is now a cosmopolitan centre with a lively entertainment scene and a wonderful array of attractions like the British Colombia Museum, the Butchart Gardens, and Chinatown. Thus, Victoria is ideal for tourists in search of a place to relax, and explore history and nature.

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Victoria Customs

Victoria is like any other Canadian city, in the sense that tipping is encouraged, and there are very few dress codes that need to be followed.

Language of Victoria

The language commonly spoken in Victoria is English, so it is relatively easy for most tourists to communicate- even all of the signage is in English, which will make it easier for tourists to find their way around the city.

History of Victoria

Victoria is one of the living, breathing vestiges of the effects of British culture around North America. Colonised by the British since the 19th century, it was home to aboriginal families from the fifteenth and fourteenth centuries. The Hudson Bays Company, a British company, then settled in Victoria, and struck gold there, which led to it becoming a permanent addition to the British dominion. The gold discovery led to many ethnicities and kinds of people visiting the area and ultimately settling there, making Victoria pretty diverse in terms of population. Currently, it is a highly modernised city, maintaining its British roots.

Nightlife in Victoria

Victoria is home to a vibrant nightlife, that also includes opera, theatre, dance concerts, films and festivals, aside from bars and clubs. With a great scene for cocktails, micro-breweries and wine, Victoria has a wide collection of bars and pubs. Some of them are even themed (Old English pubs). There are also a wide variety of clubs and music festivals around the area, which adds to the nightlife in Victoria.

Shopping in Victoria

The city boasts of a variety of shopping options, from local doodads and antiques, to high-end brands in malls. There are plenty of side-streets and cul de sacs, which are great for antique and souvenir shopping, including thrift stores. The other options are available in shopping centres, the most famous of which are The Bay Centre and Mayfair Shopping Centre. Other must-visits in terms of shopping are Fabulous Fort and Capital Iron, which are filled with hip boutiques and small, chic eateries. There are plenty of wineries and places to try various kinds of beer and cheese.

Currency in Victoria

Major cards are accepted, with ATMs usually accepting cards worldwide. USD (American Dollars) can be used at times at major establishments, but they must be used while keeping exchange rates in mind. For the smaller shops, carrying Canadian dollars is advisable.

Exchanging Money in Victoria

The best area for currency exchange is either at the Calforex Currency Exchange or the Western Union Business Solutions. Other areas include the airport (Victoria International Airport) or important commercial banks.

Daily Budget for Victoria

Victoria is quite an expensive place, so even on a shoestring budget, tourists should have at leat CAD 50-80 at their disposal. For mid-range and luxury travellers, CAD 100 upwards is necessary.

Religion of Victoria

With Christianity as the religious majority, Victoria is also home to other religious beliefs such as Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism. It has a quite cosmopolitan and secular atmosphere.

Restaurants and Local Food in Victoria

With a large range of English, Canadian and European cuisine, Victoria is famous for its large variety of cuisine. Cuisine is pretty cosmopolitan, with dishes like shepherd�s pie and other English cuisine in addition to various dishes belonging to places around the world. Poutine (french fries topped with gravy and cheese curds) is also a must-try for tourists. Victoria has a large number of vineyards, and it is a wine-lover�s paradise.
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How To Reach Victoria

Victoria is connected well by air, rail, and road systems, with ferries for the surrounding islands.

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