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Bodh Gaya, Bihar

Believed to be the world's most sacred Buddhist pilgrimage center, Bodh Gaya is believed to be the place where Gautam Buddha achieved Enlightenment.

Known For : Mahabodhi Temple | Great Buddha Statue | Bodhi Tree

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Vaishali, Bihar

Getting its name from Raja Vishal of the Ramayan era, Vaishali is recognised as the world's first republic, even before the birth of Gautam Budhha. Lord Buddha has spent a significant time of his life here and he used to visit Vaishali every now and then and this also the site of his last sermons.

Known For : The Ashoka pillar | Vishwa Shanti Stupa , Abhishek pushkarni (coronation tank) and Archeological museums | Buddha's stupa

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Rajgir, Bihar

Set in a green valley and surrounded by rocky hills, Rajgir is a spiritual town with natural serenity amongst the dense forests, mysterious caves and springs.

Known For : Venuvana | Japanese Stupa | Gridhakuta (Vulture's Peak)

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Nalanda, Bihar

Extensive ruins of center of higher learning in Bihar, Nalanda has various temples and monasteries, including the 'Great Stupa'.

Known For : Nalanda University | The Great Stupa | Hiuen Tsang Memorial Hall

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Patna, Bihar

The capital city of Bihar, Patna serves as an important base for visiting various religious sites such as Vaishali, Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, Kesariya, Nalanda etc.

Known For : Golghar | Revolving restaurant | River Ganga

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Madhubani, Bihar

An ancient city, Madhubani in Bihar is known for the richness in art and culture that the district strives for. Mentioned in the Ramayana, the city is known for the world popular Madhubani paintings whose origin lie here.

Known For : Saurath | Kapileshwar sthan | Bhawanipur

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