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Muzaffarpur Tourism

The Litchi Kingdom, Muzaffarpur is located in the north of Bihar. Lying on the banks of Burhi Gandak River, along with the rivers Bagmati and Lakhandayee, Muzaffarpur is one of the major towns of Bihar. Being the administrative headquarter of the Muzaffarpur district, the city is a hub for educational and commercial establishments. Muzaffarpur gets the name from a Revenue Officer Muzaffar Khan. The most notable language spoken here is Vajjika while Hindi is used for official purposes.

Muzaffarpur is located 75 kms to the north of the capital city Patna. It is the fourth most populous city of Bihar. Muzaffarpur is famous for the Shahi Lychees produced here. The region majorly has a cultural influence from Hinduism, Islam and Nepali culture. The cuisine of Muzaffarpur is a mixture of the Bihari cuisine as well as some parts of North Indian Cuisine. Kadhi Bari, Ghugni, Choora, Dhuska, Litti, Pittha are some of the traditional dishes and are pretty popular.

The city of Muzaffarpur and its surroundings hold Historical, Political and Natural importance. With its Lychee plantations that compose its gardens into a bliss to the eyes, it balances the environment of the district. The district has played significant roles in the political standpoints and has been historically significant too.

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The city of Muzaffarpur was established in the year 1875 during the British Raj. The region was divided from the Tiruth district which was managed by the Revenue Officer Muzaffar Khan, hence named after him. The earliest historical events include an event as early as from The Ramayana which suggests that the region could be the birthplace of Queen Seeta. The recent historical events include the Battle of Buxar and the victory of East India Company in 1764 which gave them control over the whole of Bihar. Mahatma Gandhi visited Muzaffarpur twice giving rise to political campaigns, and the community played some prominent roles in the Freedom Struggle. The district of Muzaffarpur is a place of confluence for Hindu and Islamic culture and thoughts. Muzaffarpur has either been the birthplace or has been the home ground to some of the most prominent political leaders such as Rajendra Prasad, George Fernandes, J B Kripalani and many more.

Suggested Itinerary for Muzaffarpur

All The attractions in Muzaffarpur are pretty close to each other making it convenient for travellers to visit and explore every one of them. The Lychee Gardens, however, require half a day for a complete experience of nature’s bliss, so plan accordingly.

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FAQs on Muzaffarpur

What is the best time to visit Muzaffarpur?

The Best Time to Visit Muzaffarpur is the winter season between December and February. The days in winter are warm but the nights are pretty cold making it a pleasant vibe to take a look at the city. The least recommended time to visit is the summer when temperature peaks to nearly 40°C. Summer in Muzaffarpur ends in May and Lychee cultivation gains speed. May and June are recommended months to visit the Lychee Gardens in Muzaffarpur.
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What is the best way to reach Muzaffarpur?

Muzaffarpur is well connected through Patna to all the major cities by roadways and airways. The nearest Airport is about 75 kms away. Muzaffarpur has a Railway Station (MFP) with regular trains.

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What are the things to do in Muzaffarpur?

The top things to do in Muzaffarpur are Litchi Gardens, Garib Sthan Mandir, Jubba Sahni Park, Khudiram Bose Memorial, Ramchandra Shahi Museum, Devi Mandir. You can see all the places to visit in Muzaffarpur here

What are the places near Muzaffarpur?

The top places near to Muzaffarpur are Vaishali which is 32 km from Muzaffarpur, Janakpur which is located 87 km from Muzaffarpur, Patna which is located 61 km from Muzaffarpur, Darjeeling which is located 304 km from Muzaffarpur, Kathmandu which is located 177 km from Muzaffarpur

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