Best Time to Visit Bihar

What is the best time to visit Bihar?

The summers can get scorching in Bihar, and this can severely limit outdoor activity. The best time to visit this state is after the monsoon and before summer during the months of October to March. However, since tourist destinations can get very crowded during this season, it as advisable to book all arrangements in advance to avoid last minute disappointment. 

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Bihar in Summer (March - June)

Bihar has a moderate to hot summer that begins in March and continues until June. The hottest month is May when temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees Celcius and these months are dry and dusty. Summertime winds of hot air called Loo that is common across Northern India also occur in Bihar. Apart from this, there are occasional dust storms in areas that are treeless though these do not cause any damage to property or life.

Bihar in Monsoon (July - September)

Summer is succeeded by monsoons in Bihar and the months of July to September are typically the wettest. Almost all areas receive plenty of rainfall because of the Himalayas to the North that break the South West Monsoon winds and cause rainfall on the windward side. Monsoon ends in September, but another event called the retreating monsoon is also seen in this state. During the months of late September to November, the returning monsoon may cause cyclones in the state, though they are usually minor and not very common.

Bihar in Winter (November - March)

Winter lasts from November to March and temperatures can go as low as zero degrees in some northern areas of the state. The initial months of winter are pleasant with daytime temperatures between 10 and 20 degrees Celcius while the night brings the sharp biting cold. December and January are the peak winter months and post sunset temperatures may dip to zero degrees.
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