Holy Churches in New Zealand for a Perfect Spiritual Getaway


Churches in New Zealand

Here is the list of 3 Holy Churches in New Zealand for a Perfect Spiritual Getaway

1. Old St. Paul's Cathedral, Wellington

Old St. Paul's Cathedral, Wellington

The Old St. Paul’s Cathedral is one of the best buildings in Wellington with a display of Gothic and Revival Gothic architecture. With its beautiful stained glass windows and panels, and the gleaming wooden interior, you should not miss out on this church if you’re in the capital city of Wellington! It serves as an important landmark of the city, especially in the Thordon area, where it is located. Once serving three functions at a time, as the parish church for Thorndon, the Anglican cathedral for the Wellington diocese, and the unofficial national cathedral for New Zealand.

2. Cardboard Cathedral, Christchurch

Cardboard Cathedral, Christchurch

Cardboard Cathedral is also known as transitional Cathedral, located in Christchurch New Zealand. It is one of the most famous cathedrals of New Zealand, known for its spectacular architecture. Cardboard Cathedral was designed by Shigeru Ban of Japan and was opened in 2013 as the replacement of Christchurch Cathedral after the 2011 earthquake. The Cathedral is one of the largest Paper Tube structures amongst Ban's creations.

3. St. Patrick's Cathedral, Auckland

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Auckland

Situated at the heart of the city, St. Patrick's Cathedral is known as the mother church of Auckland. The St. Patrick’s Cathedral, also known as The Cathedral of St. Patrick and St. Joseph, is located on the corner of the Federal Street in central Auckland. It was founded on 1 June 1841 by Jean Baptiste Pompallier who was the first Bishop of New Zealand. He was also the first administrator of the Catholic church from 1842-1845. The current administrator is Peter Tipene.

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