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There are plenty of spots for camping near Mumbai and adventure camps near Mumbai. Most of us start thinking about the weekend on Sunday night itself, and we always look to try different things each weekend. If you need a short break from your monotonous routine and want to get a taste of nature and adventure, why not try camping? How about letting the cold air, dark nights, warm fire and bright stars de-stress and rejuvenate you?

Here is the list of 25 Camping Near Mumbai And Camp Sites Near Mumbai

1. Karnala - For the hidden nature lover in you

Situated a short drive away from Mumbai, Karnala is a Mumbaikar’s much-loved destination for a quick getaway. It hosts a bird sanctuary where you can spend some time sighting exotic bird species in their natural habitat. For those seeking adventure, a trek to the Karnala fort is highly recommended. You can enjoy the odd waterfall during the monsoon season. There are plenty of options for camping in Karnala where you can spend some quiet time in nature’s lap and some fun camping activities.

2. Vasind - A Picturesque Township for Night Camping

Vasind is an upcoming town of Maharashtra located on the banks of River Bhatsa and enveloped by hills. The dainty township is just 60 kms away from Mumbai and is well connected to the metro city through Vasind Railway Station and Mumbai Suburban Railway System. Popular for its well architectured temples, verdant green hills and beautiful hills, Vasind also has an established market, proper sanitation facilities, and adequate water supply. Hence most people scutter from the crowded metro city to spend some time amidst nature exploring the ruins of old fortresses and trekking their ways up the forest and the hills.

Distance from Mumbai: 62 km

3. Pavana - Because you need that barbecue under the stars

3.7 /5 View 5+ photos

Situated on the banks of the Pavana dam near Lonavala, this is a hugely popular site for camping near Mumbai. Its rustic settings and quaint charm are what attracts campers to this peaceful heaven. Spend some quiet time camping here – breathe in the fresh air, start a campfire, enjoy a hot barbecue, swim in the waters, indulge in star-gazing in the clear skies and chat with your best buds. For those craving for some adventure, the historic forts like Lohagad, Tikona and Tungi are situated close by. Enjoy the company of nature and best friends on this short but surely relaxing getaway.

Distance from Mumbai: 119 km

4. Kolad - Camping in Mumbai for thrill and tranquillity by the riverside

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Known For : Kolad River Rafting Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls Bhira Dam

A treat for adventure junkies and nature lovers, the picturesque campsite at Kolad is set on the banks of the river Kundalika. During the daytime, there are activities like kayaking, water rafting, boating and others present near the campsite. You can also explore the villages nearby or trek to the nearby hills and catch a breath of fresh air as you can see mesmerizing views all around. Come nightfall, the beautiful night sky, the cool air and the sound of the flowing river is bound to soothe you. You can go night trekking or indulge in a toasty campfire and revel in the company of friends and loved ones. This short trip is sure to fill you with memories and melt your stress.

Distance from Mumbai: 111 km

Best Time: June to March

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5. Matheran - To enjoy the solid break from the hustle and bustle of the city

4.3 /5 View 26+ photos

Known For : Louisa point Charlotte lake Monkey Point Matheran

Camping near Mumbai at this most unpopulated hill station, Matheran is quite an experience. The destination is just a couple of hours away from Mumbai, by the Charlotte Lake and is filled with dense forest and waterfalls all around. The camp instructors are a strict believer of DIY (Do It Yourself) camping. Everything is provided, except the efforts, you can cook your food light your woods and make your tent. A detailed set of instructions by your coordinator will help you will assist you. The idea behind it is to, do the technical work and make the campers enjoy the leisure of self-service. There are some things you can do after you have finished you’re tenting, like rappelling, valley crossing, and trekking- an 11 km trek and camping program is organized from Mumbai CST to base village of a trek, Dasturi through Karjat fast local. The program will lure you to your rustic side and evolve your persona.

Best Time: Throughout the year

6. Rajmachi - Man’s attempt to match Nature

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Known For : Trekking in Rajmachi

One of the most popular destinations for trekking near Mumbai, it is famous for the awe-inspiring Rajmachi fort. The sheer ruggedness of the fort and an enthralling trek will soothe your adventurous instincts. For those of you who are feeling too ravenous and craving some delicious food, you can visit the village and stop by Tai’s place, which serves some mouth-watering fare that trekkers swear by. Spend the evening setting up a campsite, campfire, start a barbecue and welcome the night enjoying the company of your friends. If you are lucky, you may be able to spot some shooting stars in the clear skies.

Distance from Mumbai: 94 km

Best Time: June to September

7. Shirota Lakeside Camping - For a ideal romantic hideaway

Shirota Lakeside is a getaway from your standard metro lives; it will make you cherish each second of your life. With a panoramic view and magnetic surroundings, it will be hard to live life in your formal suits and shiny boots again. You will love to come here every weekend with your beloveds. Try to catch a fish and teach your kids what an actual barbeque looks like! Well, I am not done yet; you can even enjoy Kayaking in the Lake for a while, you might not be a professional but at least give it a try. If you not like looking down to find fish try looking upwards and find birds with stunning landscapes from your binoculars. Then wake up with nature’s alarm of chirping birds at sunrise, and remember what you have earned now.

8. Kashid Beach - For a great happy vacation

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Known For : Kashid Beach Murud Janjira Fort Phansad Bird Sanctuary

With just a 3 hour drive from Mumbai, Kashid is an isolated beach, away from the actual world. This sites here for camping near Mumbai are just 5 km away from the beach and will offer refreshments after you arrive. With standard hygiene, proper bedding and clean environment the place is a rock star. You may visit with your family and let your children build their sand castles, while you ease up your mind. Light your firewood and add some food, you will have the best bonfire ever! Then at night watch the whole galaxy just gazing around. You will just sleep for 5-6 hours, but trust me that would be the best sleep you ever had!

Distance from Mumbai: 126 km

Best Time: October to March

9. Panchgani - Camping near Mumbai amidst strawberry and cream moments

3.6 /5 View 16+ photos

Known For : Kaas Plateau Table Land Mahabaleshwar

If camping in the wilderness is what you are excited about, look no further than Panchgani. Situated near Mahabaleshwar, Panchgani has a lot to offer. It is reminiscent of the British Raj and there are a lot of touristy things you can do here – visit the strawberry gardens and shop for some jams and jellies, enjoy superb views and fresh air at Tableland, go trekking or just spend the day rambling about the local shops. You can camp by the river Krishna and spend some quality time under the stars in the wilderness and forget all the hassles and tensions of life. Nothing like some nature therapy to brush aside your worries, eh?

Distance from Mumbai: 244 km

Best Time: September to May

10. Kaas Plateau - Camping near Mumbai at this UNESCO World Heritage Site

4.0 /5 View 11+ photos

For those looking to indulge in some mean nature photography, Kaas Plateau is the place you should be. Featuring in the UNESCO World Heritage sites list, it is home calming greens and a jaw-dropping 800 odd species of beautiful, colourful flowers. Trek through less-tread paths, see the fascinating flower spreads and check how many types of those countless beauties you can spot. Stop here and there to capture the bounty of nature with your mean machine. Camp in this flower valley and spend a night amidst the alluring treasures of nature.

Distance from Mumbai: 278 km

11. Bhandardara - The maximum bang for your buck

3.9 /5 View 11+ photos

Known For : Umbrella Falls Wilson Dam Kalsubai Peak

If you are just trying to escape the monotony and not looking for any adventure, Bhandardara is your best bet. It is situated near the calm, blue waters of the lake, and during the monsoon, the rising water levels may lead to submerging of some areas, giving you the experience of island camping. You can go for a walk and enjoy the greenery and light forests. Come nightfall and Bhandardara gives you the bang for your buck. It is the most fantastic place to simply gaze at the night sky and probably the best stargazing experience you will ever have. If you go in the pre-monsoon period, it is the mating season of the fireflies and the millions of fireflies, glowing in the dark makes it a sight to behold, as if the stars have descended on earth. Soak up the beauty and abundance of nature and its myriad experiences camping near Mumbai in Bhandardara.

Distance from Mumbai: 166 km

Best Time: June to March

12. Harishchandragad - A vacation that makes you do some soul-searching

Adventure, nature, thrill, excitement, peace are what you are looking for, then head out to Harishchadragad. One of the oldest, most difficult and trickiest treks, this place is sure to challenge you and give you an adrenaline rush. Visit the Konkan Kada and enjoy the breath-taking view which is worth a million bucks. Visit the Kedareshwar Cave being held up by just one pillar, and see the Shiva linga standing in a pool of ice-cold water. You can also visit the Taramati peak and Saptatirtha Lake. Enjoy the simple joys of camping and have an adventure-filled weekend.

13. Gorakhgad Fort - The simpleton’s vacation

3.5 /5 View 9+ photos

A slightly offbeat experience for camping near Mumbai compared to the other place, you don’t spend the night in a tent but in a cave! Gorakhgad trek is one of the easier treks in the Sahyadri mountain range. You can trek to the pinnacle and have a once-in-a-lifetime experience of spending the night in a cave. The cave is hundreds of years old and attracts trekkers and locals alike. The locals sing devotional songs for Lord Shiva, and their devotion and spirituality is sure to leave you spellbound. You can start your own campfire, enjoy the company of your friends and exchange the odd “ghost story” and indulge in some hot camp-food. Spend the night here, and descend the next morning; a dam is located nearby where you can spend some peaceful moments. A short and relaxed trip that you will reminisce about for ages!

Distance from Mumbai: 90 km

14. Malshej Ghat - A postcard-perfect vacation

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Known For : Malshej Falls Pimpalgaon Joga Dam Harishchandragad

Malshej Ghat is a quick monsoon getaway for those wanting to explore the beauty of the countryside during the wet months. Get wowed by the lush greenery and fascinating environs, catch glimpses of the mighty Harishchandragad fort and the Taramati peaks and fall in love all over again. Venture near the banks of the lake Saptatirtha and set up your camping site, enjoy some hot barbecue food and enjoy the bounty of silence, clean air in the shadows of Harishchandragad. A truly memorable and unique experience for those who just cannot get enough of nature.

Distance from Mumbai: 130 km

Best Time: July to March

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15. Tikona Fort - Enthralling, exhilarating and ravishing

4.2 /5

If camping in the forest or by the lake seems too mainstream to you, try hill top camping at Tikona fort. Trek to the fort during the day and enjoy some adventure activities like rappelling, adventure games, etc. Go for a walk and get mesmerized by a 360-degree view of the surrounding hills and lakes. You can also visit the Pavana Lake and enjoy a cool swim. By nightfall, you can set up your campsite, enjoy some fun times around the campfire and indulge in star-gazing. Wake up to a sun-kissed morning and enjoy the colours of nature – the orange-yellow of the morning sun, the greens of the exotic flora, the Browns of the hills and forts and the blues of the lakes. Enough activities to keep you busy for a couple of days and leave you refreshed to tackle your mundane responsibilities.

Distance from Mumbai: 121 km

16. Tikona Hill View Camping near Lonavala - To encounter the intriguing scenery

Camping near Mumbai for a beginner is a way to enjoy his solitude, but actually, it is pretty much crowded these days, except this one. It crosses the line between imagination and reality for a camper. Tikona hill view camping is closer to Pawna Lake near Kamshet and is an ideal camping and trekking site. You may trek your way up to the fort for seeing the scenic 360 views of the Syadris and the fort. Your guide will walk you through colossal caves, temples, and a massive stone wheel on the top of the fort. After you’re sightseeing, you may end up water tubing or just a simple swim to relax your muscles. While talking to your silence, you might even be lucky to notice some dragonflies around. The actual wildlings could even camp in a cave here; just remember to pack a lot of water to drink and firewood to burn.

17. Revdanda - To escape into the enchanting tender sea breeze

3.2 /5

The ultimate beach vacation Long stretches of golden sands, the soft-swaying breeze, the azure waters of the Arabian sea, the abundant coconut trees – welcome to beach camping! Revdanda offers all these plus more. There is also a fort you can explore during the day. You can enjoy some water sports to tame your wild side. Catch the glorious sunset. Spend the night in trying your hand at a barbecue or some local seafood, enjoying the warmth of the bonfire and the company of loved ones, star-gazing and enjoying the sounds and silences of the sea. Wake up to sun-kissed seashores and take a walk along the beach to revel in the abundance of nature.

Distance from Mumbai: 125 km

18. Murud Janjira - To enjoy your ship-in-a-bottle moments

3.9 /5 View 21+ photos

Known For : Murud Janjira Fort Murud Beach Garambi Falls

A formidable fort sitting in the midst of the sea, Murud Janjira is a seaport and town situated in Konkan, Maharashtra. Trek to the fort and soak in its history or visit the local town to amble around the shops. Visit the beaches to catch the panoramic views and breathe in the smell of the sea. Being a fishing village, it is teeming with fresh catch, and you just cannot miss the sumptuous, local seafood. Camp near the seaside and open yourself to a world of tranquillity, serenity, and peace.

Distance from Mumbai: 145 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

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19. Khopoli - Escape for this lazy camping near Mumbai

Situated very close to Mumbai, its great for a quick camping getaway. Set up your campsite and enjoy a day of nature trails, a swim in the nearby river and explore the village and the countryside. By dusk, set up a great campfire, enjoy chatting with your dear ones, playing and listening to music and the general peaceful chatter. Keep the adventure, trekking, and thrilling activities for another time. Sleep under the blanket of the clear skies and twinkling stars and wake up to a world of peace and solitude.

20. Dahanu - For a relaxing weekend with family

A simple camping location situated very close to the city, this is the place to go if you are looking to have a quiet weekend with the family. There are several games and adventure activities available. You can visit the beach, head over to the Dahanu Fort, explore the Bahrot caves, visit the dams or just relax at the Kalpataru botanical gardens. Head back to the campsite and enjoy an evening of fun and warm camaraderie. Some campsites even offer you a stay in a tree-house. Soak in the simple pleasures of this small town and enjoy fun camping near Mumbai.

21. Bhatsa - The ideal spot for riverside camping

The source of one of the dams that supply water to our megapolis, Bhatsa is a great place to camp on the banks of the dam or the river. The riverside camping here is a great family activity. You can go swimming or boating in the lake, or try your hand at fishing. Spend the day ambling around the river and going on long nature trails. In the evening, enjoy a barbecue of your own fresh catch and the simple joys of camping.

22. Rockface Camping - For a perfect break from the busy work schedule

What is more peaceful than lying under a tarp in a sky full of stars! That is something you will find near the famous Rajmachi Fort, just 7 km away from Lonavala. The place is quite neat, with mattresses, pillows, solar lights and pretty much everything you need; just don’t forget your toothbrush at home. Once you arrive, you will feel the air striking your forehead as a natural meditation process; you will feel the wet grass and the sky, the dark blue sky limiting your power of sight. Also, the panoramic valley view and a campfire will force you to raise a toast with your fellow campers. If you want something more than just resting in your tent, then waterfall rappelling might just be your getaway ticket. Also, you may tie yourself and glide your way down through flying fox as well. In the end, try to find the wooden bridge with a waterfall in its background and pose for your next upload to pack your day!

23. Camping Adventure near Wai - To unwind the beauty of nature

Camping near Mumbai is a lot more than sleeping in a tent here in Wai! Hooked at the foothills of Kate’s is a ravishing little colony of tents. It might get a little difficult to track down the place, as the tents are perfectly painted with army coloured tarps with iron beds in it. When you reach the site try to enjoy all the activities with your family in daylight itself, to not disturb your false attempts at counting stars at night. There are ample of sports you could do like mountain biking, zip-lining, Archery, Air Rifle, even swimming in the waves of river Krishna. Moreover, the bonfires with delicious veg and non-veg food, with the little gossips, will just add up fine. After the night passes, try to wake up early to enjoy the splendid view of a Dam on river Krishna in quietness.

24. Camping Adventure near Palghar - To enjoy the heart throbbing adventure

Camping near Mumbai on a beach is way more magnetic than in the forest, you will cherish the beautiful beaches of Mumbai here, in Palghar. Every beach has its speciality, you can enjoy the camel, and ATV rides on Kelva Beach or challenge your fellow campers in a game of beach ball or volleyball after you win! Return to your camp with tapping feet on the beats of your DJ. Dance off the exhaustion with drinks and barbeque food. Then before you sleep, enjoy the cold breeze while reading some poetry or writing one yourself.

25. Camping in Uttan - Thrilling camping near Mumbai

Nothing’s better than some music to listen, wood to the fire and some marshmallows to eat. Pinned in the Thane district of Maharashtra, Uttan off the Gorai Beach, the place itself is a meditation course. You will find yourself surrounded by thick forest hills and cohesive weather; the place is truly a traveller’s bookmark. The spot is situated on a glittery cost line giving you a combination of blue sea and green hills. Try boating with your family and ask the locals for some fishing advice too. You will also love to enjoy your sunset walk through the hills; you will feel the sensations of the sun rays displaying its extreme warmth from your face to feet. Moreover, as the night comes, light your woods, gather your mates to dance, eat and live!

Each of these places for camping near Mumbai has something unique to offer tired souls, and help them rejuvenate in nature’s lap. Nothing like a day or two in the midst of nature to nurture your mind, body, and soul. So where are you headed for your next camping trip?

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