Best Beaches Near Kolkata For A Quick Weekend Trip

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Top beaches near Kolkata

The pristine beaches near Kolkata, opulently beautiful landscape, unique topography and calm azure water undoubtedly calls for a perfect weekend gateway. Lying near Kolkata, these beaches serve as t (Read More)he perfect destination to enjoy the roaring waves and the wrath of the sun. These destinations are mainly flocked by people on the weekends and are extremely popular in the eastern part of our country. These are some of the offbeat beaches that are endowed with golden sand and roaring waves-

  • Bakkhali Beach, Bakkhali

  • Shankarpur Beach, Digha

  • Tajpur Beach

  • Mandarmani Beach, Shankarpur

  • New Digha Beach, Digha

  • The Sagar Beach, Gangasagar

  • Henry's Island, Bakkhali

  • Marine Drive, Haldia

Here is the list of 15 Best Beaches Near Kolkata For A Quick Weekend Trip

1. Bakkhali Beach, Bakkhali

Bakkhali Beach, Bakkhali
3.4 /5

The Bakkhali Beach is perhaps the most breathtaking beaches in India. The near 7 km coastline is not just the most stunning view of the sea merging into the land but is also very sparsely populated, which accentuates its beauty. It is a prominent beach destination located about 125 km from Kolkata. It attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year due to some tourist attractions peppered nearby. Indulge in activities like taking a walk till Frasergunj, visiting the small island of Jambu Dwip, riding on country boats and motor boats. One of the key attractions of Bakkhali is the crocodile propagation reserve, where crocodiles are bred and preserved. Henry's Island is another popular attraction at Bakkhali which is barely 10 minutes away. It is relatively less crowded than the other beaches lying near Kolkata.

Distance from Kolkata: 126 km

2. Shankarpur Beach, Digha

Shankarpur Beach, Digha
3.6 /5

15 km from Digha, Shankarpur is a virgin beach with a lovely view of the beach surrounded by local fish boats and rows of trees giving visitors the perfect Kodak moment. Near the beach, there are also a few temples in Shankarpur. Located nearby Digha, Shankarpur is often called as the former's twin beach. It is an off-beat secluded beach and hence is deprived of the hassle and chaos. There is little to do or explore here apart from the vast sea and the exotic scenery complete with palm trees. This makes it a perfect getaway for a day or two from the chaotic city life. It is a popular fishing harbour, and many photographers flock to this beautiful fishing village to capture the picturesque sights of fishermen and their activities. Simply laze on the beach, listen to the roaring and slapping of waves and enjoy the cool sea breeze while relishing your time at Shankarpur.

Distance from Kolkata: 176 km

3. Tajpur Beach

Tajpur Beach
3.5 /5 View 6+ photos

One of the most secluded beaches of the country and one of the newest entrant in the tourism scene of West Bengal, Tajpur is slowly carving out a niche for itself as the stopover destination between the two major centres Digha and Shankarpur. Located around 99 km from Kolkata; the inverted-crescent shaped beach of Tajpur is truly an untouched beauty of nature. Here you can witness exotic casuarinas and Keya Flower Shrubs with patches of forests. You can laze on the pristine white beach, bask in the picturesque sunset and sunrise and even witness some flying cranes while enjoying the fresh sea breeze. This place is also home to red crabs, which disappear as soon as you go close to them. Apt for a quiet vacation by the beach, this place also offers some lip-smacking delicacies like- Pomfret fry, lobster curry and crab.

Distance from Kolkata: 136 km

4. Mandarmani Beach, Shankarpur

Mandarmani Beach, Shankarpur
4.1 /5 View 10+ photos

Located about 3 km away from Shankarpur, the beach of Mandarmani is completely deserted. Very few people are even aware of its existence. Often referred to as the cleaner, newer and less crowded version of Digha; Mandarmani poses as the perfect weekend destination. Located at about 117 km from Kolkata, this place offers ultimate seclusion from the mundane city life. It stands apart from other beaches due to its serenity and picturesque beauty. One of the interesting aspects of the area is that one has to drive along the beach to reach the resorts. This drive-in beach makes Mandarmani incredibly alluring for travellers who are seeking something more than a regular beach experience. You can indulge in a lot of fun activities here, like- parasailing, beach volleyball, beach cricket, etc. An interesting feature of the beach that is fascinating is the hundreds of tiny red crabs that climb shore on the golden sands.

Distance from Kolkata: 175 km

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5. New Digha Beach, Digha

New Digha Beach, Digha
3.6 /5

This one is a man-made beach, created 2 km away from the old one. It is better planned and more easily accessible from nearby hotels. The new beach is bigger, less crowded and better maintained compared to the Old Digha beach. The soft sands of the New Digha beach make up for a lovely weekend getaway. Tucked away in southern West Bengal, this destination is a quaint holiday spot to spend time in the tranquil lap of nature. The Digha sea starts at about a mile away from the beach area, which is lined with casuarina trees as far as the eyes can see.

Distance from Kolkata: 184 km

6. The Sagar Beach, Gangasagar

The Sagar Beach, Gangasagar
3.4 /5

The Sagar Beach is located at the tip of the Sagardwip, or Gangasagar, as some people call it. The beach is flooded with thousands of tourists every year as they make their way to Sagardwip for a holy dip in the Ganges. The beach otherwise is a calm, soothing place to enjoy a sunset.

Distance from Kolkata: 117 km

7. Henry's Island, Bakkhali

Henry's Island, Bakkhali
3.4 /5

Henry's Island is not just very famous in Bakkhali but is very popular throughout the country. The place derives its name from a British explorer who arrived on the island back in the 19th century.

Distance from Kolkata: 126 km

8. Marine Drive, Haldia

Marine Drive, Haldia
3.4 /5

The Haldia Marine drive is a beautiful 6 km road stretch from Coast Guard Jetty to 3rd oil jetty point. The road is lined with palm trees and every now an then a ship can be seen anchored on shore.

Distance from Kolkata: 117 km

9. Talasari Beach, Odisha

Talasari Beach, Odisha
4.3 /5 View 6+ photos

Located in Baleswar district of Odisha and at a distance of 10 Km from Digha, the Talasari beach is pristine, serene and has been bestowed with spectacular panorama. There are secret beaches, beaches which are beyond the reach of contamination, beaches that refresh our senses and Talasari is one such place. This virgin beach has sand dunes, calmer waves amid several palm trees, coconut trees, cashew trees known to be the last beach on the north eastern coast of India.

Distance from Kolkata: 191 km

Best Time: October to December, February

1 Talasari Beach Attractions

10. Chandipur beach, Chandipur

Chandipur beach, Chandipur
4.1 /5 View 7+ photos

Chandipur, a calm and serene site, is mostly unexplored by tourists. The unique specialty of this beach is the ebb tides that recede upto 4km and tend to disappear rhythmically. The beach is clean and is a good place to relax alone or with friends.

Distance from Kolkata: 258 km

11. Tajpur, Kolkata

Tajpur, Kolkata
3.5 /5 View 6+ photos

One of the most secluded beaches of the country and one of the newest entrant in the tourism scene of West Bengal, Tajpur is slowly carving out a niche for itself as the stopover destination between the two major centers Digha and Shankarpur.

Distance from Kolkata: 136 km

12. Puri Beach, Puri

Puri Beach, Puri
4.2 /5 View 12+ photos

Puri Beach is a fine coastline of Bay of Bengal with sun gleaming on the pristine waters of the beach. Located at a mere distance of 35 kms from the Sun Temple, the place is ideal for holiday makers looking for some solitude.

Distance from Kolkata: 506 km

13. Chandrabagha Beach, Konark

Chandrabagha Beach, Konark
3.5 /5

A clean and pristine beach where one can take leisurely walks and enjoy the sunrise and sunset, the Konark Beach is known to be one of the best on the east coast.

Distance from Kolkata: 499 km

14. Paradeep Beach, Cuttack

Paradeep Beach, Cuttack

Located at a distance of 125 kms from Paradeep and 94 kms from Cuttack, Paradeep is one of the most serene and tranquil beaches of Odisha. Boasting of golden shimmering sands, indigo blue waters and lined with huge rock boulders, the beach is not a prominent tourist spot but also a major sea port of the country.

Distance from Kolkata: 451 km

15. Digha

4.1 /5 View 24+ photos

Known For : Marine Station/Aquarium of Zoological Survey of India New Digha Beach Udaipur Beach

This beach surely tops the list of the most visited beaches near Kolkata. Lying at a distance of 183 km from Kolkata, Digha is known for its huge waves and roaring thunders. The natural beauty of this place with its swaying casuarinas and palm trees make for some breathtaking views. Countless stalls line the beach selling exotic curios made from sea shells and other such stuff. The sea town is divided into two parts namely: Old Digha and New Digha. Since a part of the beach in Old Digha has got submerged into the ocean, the Government has extended the beach a little further about 2 km away that comprises the New Digha area. Unlike Old Digha, New Digha is more conducive to swimming so you could get into those swimming trunks and take a plunge here.

Distance from Kolkata: 181 km

Best Time: July to March

9 Digha Attractions

Apart from these, there are some pristine beaches near Kolkata, namely- Talsari, Frasergunj, Chandipur and much more. These alluring beaches amplify the glory of Kolkata and will leave you awe struck by their splendour. These off beat and secluded beaches offer natural beauty at its best. Untouched by the crowds, these places will give you peace and utmost relaxation.

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