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Chandipur beach, Chandipur Overview

Chandipur Beach is a phenomenal beach that glorifies the beauty of the state of Orissa, 'phenomenal' being the keyword. Would you believe it if you were told that the beach is not a continuously existing feature on the map? That the sea disappears during the day? Well, as unbelievable as it sounds, it is actually true! They call it the "Hide and Seek sea", and rightly so! Watching the sea disappear and miraculously reappear as it plays with you is an unforgettable experience that will leave you in awe of the miracles of nature.

One of nature's truly wondrous works is how the sea at this beach recedes up to five kilometres during the ebb, and then comes back to fill the emptiness with the high tide. This literally gives us the opportunity to walk deep into the actual seabed. In fact, when you walk on the beach when it has receded, only your feet get submerged into the shallow water and get surrounded by moist sand; so if you take a picture from afar, it looks as if you are actually walking on water.

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Things To Experience at Chandipur Beach

Horseshoe Crabs: The unique occurrence of the receding beach, it is home to a diverse biodiversity. Once the sea retracts, you can actually see the extremely rare horseshoe crabs walking right by you as you approach the seabed/ The red crabs don't sting or bother you at all, in fact, they are a pleasant surprise. Their vibrant colour and unusual structure make you want to stare at them incessantly.

Picturesque Setting: A walk along the seabed of the beach in the company of the picturesque beauty of the surroundings is a walk to remember. The beach is not a very busy and commercialized one, it is calm and serene; quiet and just so beautiful. Surrendering yourself in the arms of nature and letting its tranquil aura melt away your stresses of daily life will rejuvenate you in a way you cannot imagine.

The waves are not at all aggressive, in fact, they are gentle and welcoming; soothing and relaxing in their beautiful rhythm. You can also choose to ride along the shoreline on a bike or an open jeep. The thrilling feeling of the cool wind crashing against your face and tingling every part of your body in a tease, the gaining speed of the vehicle deafening you to all the other sounds around you; just you and the hypnotizing buzzing of the wind is a livening experience and surely one to add to your bucket list.

This beach is the perfect spot to find some time with your loved ones, celebrate a reunion with friends or even give yourself some much deserved me-time.

Witnessing the Sunset: The magnanimous ball of orange fire setting into the horizon, disappearing as it submerges itself in the silver waters, turns the entire sky into an artist's palette of warm colors. The waters reflect its last rays and glisten with joy as the huge star gives way to other million ones. One must make it a point to witness this beautiful phenomena at the Chandipur Beach.

Succulent Seafood: Chandipur is renowned for its specially made sea food. There are many beach shacks that provide their famous sea food dishes at very affordable rates. So make sure you try Chandipur's famous mouthwatering Odia-style deep fried prawns and pomfrets when you're there!

Integrated Test Range of the Indian Army:  This beach is truly unique. A part of the beach is a certified missile launching site for the Indian Army under the Defense Research and Development Organization. This Integrated Test Range (ITR) has launched Akash, Surya, Agni and Prithvi ballistic missiles. A missile launching range and a beach, a unique and undoubtedly interesting combination.

Chandipur Beach Festival

Chandipur beach festival, also known as Golden Beach Festival, is one of the most celebrated festivals of the region. The four-day extravagant festival of Odisha is celebrated every year in January/February. The festival hosts a variety of cultural program including the regional dance styles such as Chhau, Ranapa, Kathak, Bharatnatyam, Kuchipudi, Ghumar, and Bihu, apart from Odissi and Sambalpuri.

Various sports activities are also organized during the fest in which the locals participate with enthusiasm.It is a very popular fair where people come from all over the state and is an opportunity to feel, relive, appreciate and encourage the admirable and impeccable cultural art of our country.

Best Time To Visit Chandipur beach

Even though this beach is a boon to the soul and a feast for the eyes all around the year, the cool climate of winter makes it all the more enjoyable. The sun isn't very harsh in the afternoon during winter time and hence, one can soak themselves in the beauty of the Chandipur beach all day long.

Tips For Visiting Chandipur beach

Even though the sea won't attack the empty space all of a sudden during the high tide, it is always better to talk to the locals once about the cycle of the sea. They are well aware of the reactions of the sea to the different times in the day and hence can provide you with the necessary information to proceed with caution. All in all, it is totally safe to visit the beach; just better to ask the locals about the tide timings first.

How To Reach Chandipur beach

The Balasore Railway Station is the closest to the Chandipur Beach, at a distance of 10 km only. This railhead is a fairly busy one with a lot of trains pulling in and out quite frequently. The Balasor Bus Stand is very close to the beach, only at a distance of 4 km, which is barely 5 minutes by road.

Chandipur is 200 km away from the state capital, Bhubaneshwar, and is most easily accessible by the National Highway 5 if one chooses to get here by road.

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