Picnic Spots Near Kolkata forA Fun Day Out

Best Picnic Spots Near Kolkata

Moving away from the city does have its perks. The solitude is a blessing after the constant noise you are surrounded by. We've rounded up a list of picnic spots near Kolkata that are perfect if you (Read More)want just to do something fun. Or, if you happen to be visiting Kolkata soon, you too can go for a picnic at any of these six great spots. Keep reading for more details.

Here is the list of 15 Picnic Spots Near Kolkata forA Fun Day Out

1. Baabur Haat

Baabur Haat

Babur Haat is a fantastic picnic spot near Kolkata which you can reach by car or by bus. Located about 50 km from Kolkata, Babur Haat is dominated by natural fishing lakes or bheris. Long stretches of rice farmlands, vegetable orchards, mango groves, palm groves and rural homes and temples make the landscape here scenic. Fishing is one of the more popular activities in Babur Haat. You can also go to the nearby local wide-open village grounds which allow for outdoor games like badminton and cricket. One can take a private car or bus to reach Babur Haat. Buses travel via Basanti Highway and also travel to Malancha via Babur Haat.

Distance from Kolkata: 12 km

2. Barrackpore


The iconic Revolution of 1857 occurred in Barrackpore. Hence, Barrackpore has many structures and tourists spots dedicated to the Independence movement and its legendary leaders. Famous attractions include Gandhi Ghat, a memorial dedicated to Mahatma Gandhi, enshrined with a part of his ashes. The sunrise and sunset views, with the serene river flowing by, is a bonus for every tourist. One can travel to Barrackpore by road or by train fro Kolkata. The most effective way is to take a train from Sealdah to Barracpore station.

Distance from Kolkata: 31 km

3. Sundarban Tiger Camp

Sundarban Tiger Camp
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Known For : Marichjhanpi Ghoramara Island New Moore Island

The Sunderban Tiger Camp is one of the best picnic spots to head to with family for nature and wildlife enthusiasts. Visitors can go to the Bonnie Camp Watch Tower and spend a night there. The view from these tall watchtowers is splendid, to say the least. There is also a pond here, which is frequented by several animals and you can spot them if you're quiet and hide well. Alternately, you could just check into Sundarban Tiger Camp or Sundarban Jungle Camp, drop your bags there and stroll around the area. The camp is located at around 100 kms from Kolkata and is best reached by road.

Best Time: September to March

3 Sundarbans Attractions

4. Falta


The river town of Falta is what constitutes your ideal picnic destination or weekend gateway from Kolkata. Located 50 kms from Kolkata, the town is known for the beautiful farmhouse - The Bose Bigyan Mandir of famous Bengali scientist Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose. The grounds of this farmhouse allow picnic activities. Here you can take leisurely boat rides and walk along the riverside. One can travel to Falta by road or by bus. Buses from Esplanade and Taratolla are available daily to Falta. If you are taking a train, get down at Diamond Harbor and avail a minibus to reach Falta.

Distance from Kolkata: 52 km

5. Deulti


Situated on the bank of river Roopnarayan, Deulti is a popular picnic spot near Kolkata. This small village picnic destination is also home to attractions, like Samtaber, the hometown of renowned Bengali author Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay and the temples of Madangopal and Radha, adorned with embellishments of Terracotta art. If you are a bird lover, keep an eye and ear out for different birds. If you travel by car, Deulti is situated at a distance of about 51 km from Howrah. Alternately, you can avail train services from Howrah station to Deulti station.

Distance from Kolkata: 61 km

6. Raichak

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Known For : The F fort Diamond Harbour Lighthouse at Diamond Harbour

Ideal for a picnic trip, Raichak is situated on the banks of river Ganges. It also has a number of tourist spots nearby like Diamond Harbor and Haldia, accessible by boat or ferry rides. One can drop in Fort Radisson - an ancient fort which has been converted to a five-star hotel. Diamond Harbor is located at a distance of only 15 km from Raichak, on the banks of river Hoogly. The most convenient mode of travelling to Raichak is by road since the place is situated at a distance of about 54 kms from Kolkata. You can also travel to Diamond Harbor by train and then opt for ferry services to Raichak.

Distance from Kolkata: 54 km

Best Time: October to March

8 Raichak Attractions

7. Piyali Island

Piyali Island

Considered as one of the gateways to Sundarbans, Piyali Island is a scenic picnic spot located south of Kolkata. Here visitors can enjoy a boat ride on the Matla river. There are many walking and hiking trails here as well. When visited in winter, visitors can also spot a variety of migratory birds. Located at a distance of 74 Kms from Kolkata, one can reach Piyali by road via the Baruipur-Gocharan-Dhosa route.

Distance from Kolkata: 68 km

8. Machranga Dwip

Machranga Dwip

Also known as Kingfisher island, Machranga Dwip is situated in the middle of river Ichamati, with India on one side and Bangladesh on the other. Covered by trees, this little island is perfect for nature lovers, as they can walk through the green fields and observe distant Bangladeshi rural settlement. You can arrange for a picnic, take a boat ride and go swimming in the river. Try not to miss the awe-striking view of the setting sun on river Ichamati. In order to reach Machranga Dwip, you need to travel to Hasnabad, either by road (75 km from Kolkata) or by bus from Dharmatala or by trains from Sealdah. After you arrive in Hasnabad, avail the services of vans to reach the ferry dock for motorboats to reach the island. You can also hire motor boats from Taki.

Distance from Kolkata: 90 km

9. Diamond Harbour

Diamond Harbour
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Diamond Harbor is a beautiful picnic spot near Kolkata is part of every Bengali's bucket list. Apart from providing an excellent riverside picnic spot, Diamond Harbor also has a number of tourist attractions nearby. Chingrikhali fort, Sarisha Ramkrishna Mission Ashram and an age-old lighthouse are the main tourist attractions nearby. Boat trips on river Hoogly is a must-have experience while in Diamond Harbor. At a distance of 50 km from Kolkata, Diamond Harbor is easily accessible by car. You can also board any train to Diamond Harbour from Sealdah Railway Station.

Distance from Kolkata: 56 km

10. Gadiara


Situated on the confluence of rivers Hooghly, Rupnarayan and Damodar, Gadiara is another leisurely weekend destination. If you do not want to do anything but relax, then do visit Gadiara for great Bengali food, leisurely walks along the village roads and for calm boat rides. The view of the sunset and sunrise on the river water is a scene to behold. Nearby attractions include Garchumuk and Geonkhali, which can be reached by regular ferry service. Gadiara is located at a distance of about 64 km from Kolkata. hence, you can reach the destination by road. If you wish to travel by train, take any train from Howrah to Kolaghat, Mecheda, Panskura or Kharagpur, that will drop you at Bagnan. Take a bus from Bagnan to Shyampur, and then hire auto-rickshaws to Gadiara.

Distance from Kolkata: 54 km

11. Taki


The small town of Taki, on the banks of river Ichamati, provides an experience like no other. Apart from being a favourite picnic spot near Kolkata, a boat ride on the river will give you a chance to get a closer view of Bangladesh. In fact, tourists of both India and Bangladesh embark on this journey, thus giving you a chance to meet Bangladeshi citizens. One can also visit local attractions like ruins of Zamindar houses, Ramakrishna Mission, Kuleshwari Kali Temple, a three century-old Jora Sahib Mandir and General Shankar Roy Chowdhury's Adi Bari. A boat ride will take you to Henry's island, and a rickshaw ride from Henry's island will take you to Golpatar Jungle for the canopy walk. Taki is located at about 80 km from Kolkata by road. If travelling by train, you can take the Hasnabad local from Sealdah to reach Taki Road Station.

Distance from Kolkata: 67 km

12. Bawali


Located in Budge Budge, this census town provides a host of options for your leisure and recreation. You can choose to spend some time in the royalty of Bawali Rajbari or opt to go on a picnic with your gang- Bawali farmhouse is at your disposal. Bawali is also surrounded by a number of attractions like Raypur riverside, Achipur, Boro Kachari Mandir, Navratna Gopinath Mandir- all within 10 km. One can also simply choose to go fishing or take long walks through the villages. Bawali is just 35 km from Kolkata. Hence, you can conveniently reach by road. Trains from Sealdah to Budge Budge are also available. Buses like SD76 will take you from Kolkata to Budge Budge.

13. Chinsurah


Chinsurah or Chuchura (as it is called) is a town in the district of Hooghly, West Bengal. Situated on the bank of the Hooghly river, Chinsurah was once considered as the most beautiful city of West Bengal. Today, this town stands as an example of elegant architecture, with a plethora of architectural marvels that include churches, mosques, gardens, clock towers, etc. Located at around 53 Kms from Kolkata, one can reach Chinsura by car or by bus.

14. Santragachi Jheel

Santragachi Jheel

The Santragachi Jheel, located in Santragachi, Howrah, is a lake which attracts different migratory birds over the winter months and is a perfect day-trip destination for birdwatching. However, the number and variety of birds have been declining over the years due to climate change and increasing water pollution, among other reasons. The Santragachi Jheel is at a distance of 16 Km from central Kolkata and can easily be reached via Road.

Distance from Kolkata: 11 km

15. Hooghly Riverfront

Hooghly Riverfront

The very picturesque Hooghly Riverfront is situated along two banks of River Hooghly in West Bengal- Kolkata in the East and Howrah on the West. The mighty river offers mesmerising sunrise and sunset views. After the beautification of the East promenade in 2011, the spot has become a major tourist attraction. Picnic goers tend to make camp near the banks and gorge on food and drinks.

Distance from Kolkata: 72 km

Do check out these picnic spots in Kolkata for your next day outing.

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